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How to carry out a correct maintenance?

The summer season is here and with the heat comes the time to turn on the air conditioning to spend the warmer months in peace and make its cooling more efficient.

However, to make your air conditioner an efficient unit with all that this entails, it is recommended before the start of the summer season and to ensure proper operation of your air conditioning unit that it is in perfect condition, since Thanks to this we will achieve greater efficiency, energy savings and avoid unpleasant surprises during this period, we will achieve this by carrying out preventive maintenance.

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Sometimes the problem can come from the fact that the air conditioning can lose water due to a clogged drain, dirty filters or we do not have enough gas due to a leak, another problem can come from outside noise, which although it does not usually bother us since we find ourselves with the windows closed, if it can cause inconvenience to the neighbors who do not have an air conditioner and worst of all, we can find ourselves in the middle of a heat wave and our air conditioning does not cool directly, with which the problems arrive until to conciliate the dream.

Good maintenance is not only essential to maintain a good energy coefficient, so fashionable in recent years due to the increase in electricity bills, but also to preserve the health of those who live in the house. If the air conditioning is periodically subjected to the necessary and appropriate maintenance checks, we reduce the risk of unexpected problems, especially in summer and above all at times of high demand for it, and we also reduce the inconvenience that these may cause to our community and our family.

A good maintenance program should include at least:

Call Us For Hiring The Best 24/7 Emergency AC Maintenance In Meadows Dubai | 0568770106

Cleaning and disinfection of the air filters of the indoor unit: In most cases it will be enough to clean the standard filters that our equipment brings, in others, apart from these filters, they have special carbon, anti-pollen or anti-bacterial filters. They are not washable as they “expire” after a maximum of 1 or 2 years, so it will be necessary to purchase new ones from the official technical service, something it’s highly recommended for people with respiratory problems.

Disinfection of the radiator or “battery” of the indoor unit : Although at first glance we can see it clean, bacteria and fungi can proliferate in this part of the unit that can only be eliminated with specialized products, with this we will avoid respiratory problems and unpleasant odors.

Checking the drainage of the indoor unit : To avoid dripping problems, it is advisable to check the correct evacuation of the water from the drainage of the indoor unit and in case of failure, repair it so that the air conditioning unit does not leak.

Checking the radiator of the outdoor unit : Although it does not affect us excessively by being outside, it is important that this “radiator” is clean so that it can have a good exchange of air and that the operation of our air conditioning equipment is Right.

Check refrigeration circuit and gas load : It is not always obvious that our air conditioning unit has a lack or excess of gas, it is evident when the unit does not cool because it has lost all the gas load, but the leaks are usually small and lengthen over time so this loss is not so easily appreciated, this loss of gas not only affects an alarming drop in performance and increased pollution, but also affects our pocket, as it drastically reduces our performance and the consequent increase in energy consumption, with good preventive maintenance this is easily detectable.

Checking electrical connections : To avoid possible closures or burnt cables, it is recommended to check the electrical connections of the unit.

If you think you may have a problem with your air conditioner, either due to poor maintenance or because it has simply broken down, we advise you to read these articles where they explain in great detail what problems you may have and how to solve them.

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