AC Service And Cleaning In Al Khawaneej Dubai

Did you Need The Best AC Service And Cleaning In Al Khawaneej Dubai

Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner.

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AC Service And Cleaning In Al Khawaneej Dubai | 0568770106

We know the needs of companies and individuals regarding ac service and cleaning in Al Khawaneej Dubai. We offer quality in our services and use the latest technology in service and cleaning air conditioning ducts. Our best guarantee is the guarantee that our clients receive: hospitals, health centers, colleges, universities or facilities in business and private buildings, among others.

Service and cleaning of air ducts:

Service and cleaning of air ducts are essential for a healthy indoor environment, for better performance and a stronger state of the system of these ducts.

Due to our international experience and participation in execution, AC Dubai Maintenance is regarded as the expert in the field of air conditioning service and cleaning systems. We have large and various service and cleaning equipment. Her air system will be optimally ventilated after our treatment.

Air duct service and cleaning process. Our mini-cameras explore the route in your air duct system and point the way forward for the use of duct cleaning, through the main and side ducts.

While dirt is effectively removed from one side of the conduit, a powerful extractor captures the otherwise removed material. We have different cleaning equipment, such as rotary brushes with flexible axes with several meters that have been running effortlessly, through all the air ducts and the bell ducts.

Its air duct system comes out in the best way after our treatment.

Why do you service and cleaning the air conditioning ducts?

To comply with current hygiene regulations in public and private spaces. To have a higher performance in the machinery of our air conditioning ventilation system, prolong your life and use.

To save staff costs, avoid casualties caused by respiratory, microbial, fungal infections, allergies and airway diseases (pneumonia). If you work in a clean environment, you work more comfortably and safely.

How do we service and clean the air conditioner in Al Khawaneej Dubai?

Before service and cleaning the ducts, you must perform an analysis of the condition of the air conditioners, grilles and filters. Even, it is convenient to take samples from inside the ducts to measure the air quality. We use the latest technology on the market to clean the conduits.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning robots that act on dirt. The cleaning head has a microcamera that facilitates the visualization of the process, records to subsequently check the excellent cleaning results.

The head has a compressed air outlet that removes dirt from the walls of the conduit to be aspirated by special equipment with triple HEPA filtration that guarantees that 99.9% of the particles are inside without contaminating the building.

This service is exclusive to large surfaces, such as shopping malls or buildings, due to the technology applied and the cost involved in using it.

For smaller ducted air conditioning systems, such as homes or premises, we have the ozone cleaning service detailed below.

Ozone drain cleaning and service

For smaller duct installations where it is not profitable to clean robot cleaners, we offer the ozone duct cleaning service.

This service consists of ozone disinfection from the inside of the air ducts. By applying ozone in the ducts we are able to eliminate 99.99% of the pathogens inside and improve air quality. In this way we make the air conditioning system aseptic.

We perform cleaning with hypochlorous acid from the entire ventilation grille.

Air conditioning ducts

We also clean the air conditioning filters to improve engine performance.

Shared air conditioning

Split air conditioning cleaning

We also do cleaning for Split air conditioning facilities. This service consists of cleaning and disinfecting the connected air filters using hypochloirous acid. Hypochlorous acid is harmless to health and eliminates 99.99% of germs, bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses. It is a better disinfectant than bleach and does not damage surfaces.

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