AC Service And Cleaning In Production City Dubai

Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner.

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AC Service And Cleaning In Production City Dubai | 0568770106

Service. Cleaning, Repair and maintenance of indoor air conditioners and their outdoor units, window air conditioners, ceiling and parapet air conditioners in a short period of time in Production City Dubai and the surrounding settlements. They also have up-to-date knowledge about issues that arise when using air conditioners.


  • If the outdoor unit does not start,
  • If the exhaust air temperature is not correct,
  • If your air conditioner makes an abnormal sound after turning it on,
  • If water is detected dripping from the indoor unit,
  • If the climate blows an unpleasant odor into the air,
  • If the remote control of the air conditioner does not reacts
  • If the electricity bill is unreasonably high,
  • If the baffle does not move
  • If you keep breaking the fuse

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  • Indoor unit dry cleaning, filter washing.
  • Disinfection of breathable ribs with mold and fungicide.
  • Dry cleaning and rinsing of outdoor units.
  • Check the condensate drain pipe
  • Cooling temperature control, measurement.
  • Inspection of electrical units, retraction of connectors. (if necessary)
  • Fan and compressor inspection

We undertake the periodic and occasional maintenance and cleaning of the ac of flats, family houses, condominiums, residential parks and prefabricated houses at short notice. Our staff is at your disposal

AC Cleaning And Service In Production City Dubai

Air Conditioner maintenance, split climate cleaning, disinfection, climate repair Production City Dubai

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The interior of the indoor unit of the air conditioners is wet during cooling operation due to the continuous condensation, which promotes the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause diseases. These pathogens can stink and, in extreme cases, cause respiratory illnesses, so it is advisable to keep the ac clean. Manufacturers are developing more and more coatings to control fungi and bacteria with more or less success. An example is Samsung’s silver coating on air filters and heat exchangers.

Another reason why regular ac service and cleaning in production city Dubai is important is to ensure that the machine is working properly. Due to their operation, the indoor units of air conditioners move a large amount of air, which is returned to the room through a cooling or heating surface (heat exchanger). The heat exchanger must be large enough for the appliance to deliver the desired power, but it must not be too large, as this would compromise the aesthetics of the Air Conditioner.

We undertake for single-family homes, condominiums, offices and other public institutions. Installation, repair and gas filling of air conditioners and air conditioning equipment. Professional and precise cleaning of outdoor and indoor units on weekends as well. 24 hours


Regarding the frequency of service and maintenance, manufacturers require two times a year. It is advisable to service and clean the devices before and after each air conditioner season. The great advantage of pre-season cleaning is that we don’t have to wait for the mechanic with the onset of summer, and that we can avoid “queuing” during the season due to the overcrowding of air-conditioning professionals or services.

Maintain your AC, protect your family’s health.

Obviously, you have already noticed that you have a bad smell when you turn on your air conditioner. In this case, your appliance may be full of various fungal and bacterial cultures that cause unpleasant odors, or the condensate drain will be clogged.

Our air conditioning technicians clean your climate of unpleasant odors caused by fungal and bacterial colonies. The bad smell disappears completely after cleaning.

Twice a year, before the start of the summer season and at the end of the fall, be sure to call a professional to service and clean the air conditioning in Production City Dubai.

AC service and cleaning in production city Dubai process

  • AC Dry cleaning of indoor unit, washing filters
  • Disinfection of breathable ribs with mold and fungicide.
  • Dry cleaning and rinsing of outdoor units.
  • Check the condensate drain pipe
  • Cooling temperature check

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