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Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner.

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As soon as the heat arrives, the urge to turn on the air conditioning comes instantly! But after a while without use, the device accumulates dust, bacteria and fungi and allergies and respiratory diseases take over.

AC Dubai Maintenance has precisely this objective: to be a preventive measure so that the device is always clean and in good condition, to give you more comfort, well-being and health.

Why hire the AC Dubai Maintenance

During the year, mainly because of the heat in Dubai, we spend most of the day indoors, with refrigerated air.

We breathe this air daily that circulates proliferating mites, bacteria and dust, whether indoors or at work.

By service and cleaning the air conditioner with a specialized company, at least once a year, you ensure that the device only sprays clean air.

• Service and cleaning can transform lives by reducing allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis and even migraine caused by microorganisms in the air;

• Helps you save on your electric bill. A dirty air conditioner requires more electrical effort to cool the air, increasing your bill at the end of the month;

• Extends the life of the device, as dirt can damage internal systems.

How does air conditioning service and cleaning work?

You have seen that there are many advantages of service and cleaning air conditioning. But how does it work?

• The service and cleaning of AC DUBAI MAINTENANCE is complete, sanitizing the internal and external part of the device.

• All the service is done in your home by a specialized and highly qualified technician, who will go to the address on the pre-scheduled day and time.

• There is no need to remove the air conditioner from the installed location. Only the front part of the device is removed to perform the service.

• Service and cleaning an air conditioner takes between 60 and 140 minutes, depending on the device model and condition.

• We leave your house in perfect condition, as the service is not messy. Any residue will be collected by a tarp placed around the service and cleaning site.

• 100% safe and non-toxic procedure.

Types of air conditioning sanitized by AC DUBAI MAINTENANCE

• Window Split;

• Split Hi-Wall type;

• Multisplit type;

• Split Floor-ceiling / Corner-ceiling;

• Split Cassette Type. etc

Note: we do not service and clean portable, window, ducted or industrial air conditioners.

Materials used

To ac service and cleaning in umm suqeim Dubai, we only use products certified by DHA and that are biodegradable, non-toxic and do not leave a bad smell in the environment.

Acid detergent (Jato Plus): in addition to sanitizing, it unclogs the coil.

Metasil (Desix) bactericide and disinfectant: eliminates fungi, bacteria and bad smell, leaving a fresh aroma in the environment.

BR Plus Degreaser: degreaser and residue remover on the outside, mainly used in appliances installed in kitchens.

Pump and hose: compression system that allows continuous spraying of the product on the device, ensuring uniform cleaning.

Collector and gallon: collect the water and dirt residues dispensed during the service and cleaning process.

Canvas: placed around the area where the air conditioner is installed, to ensure total cleanliness of your home.

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How is cleaning step by step

Air conditioning cleaning is carried out on all parts of the device: filters, coil and turbines. Check out step-by-step how the service will be done at your home:

1. First, the technician tests the device to verify that it is in good working order;

2. Then, unplug the air conditioner from the outlet;

3. Remove the air conditioner cover and filters;

4. Place the tarpaulin around the service location, along with the collector and gallon;

5. Connect the hose to the waste outlet and the water outlet;

6. The entire coil area is moistened;

7. The detergent is applied to clean the entire internal area;

8. Let it act for approximately 5 minutes;

9. Apply a second coat of water for rinsing;

10. Next, the bactericide is applied and remains in action for another 5 minutes;

11. New rinse to remove the products;

12. All air conditioner parts are reassembled;

13. Now, with a cloth, the technician applies the BR Plus in the external area, to remove grease, dust and other residues;

14. After cleaning, the technician advises the customer to wait 40 minutes before turning on the air conditioning again.

Important:  AC Dubai Maintenance also repair, install or move the air conditioning unit.

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Getting the technician at home

Before hiring the air conditioning cleaning service, to receive the technician in your home, make sure to guarantee the ideal environment for us to work:

• Remove the device from the socket;

• Make sure that the device is installed at a maximum height of 3 meters and is in good working order. This check will also be done by AC Dubai Maintenance, before starting the cleaning service;

• Check your condominium’s noise regulations;

• Remove furniture or other objects that could obstruct the service area.

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