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Air conditioners make our lives easier. They make the scorching heat bearable, and more and more models are available that can even be used for independent heating, so they can be of great use even in winter. However, in order to operate reliably for a long time, we have to undergo regular maintenance work, because unfortunately, in the absence of these, they may not be operational for a long time.

The same goes for cleaning the air conditioner. If the air conditioner is not serviced and cleaned, you may notice that after starting it may not be unpleasant or even smelly, which it effectively delivers to various parts of the apartment. This is not only quite unpleasant, but it can also involve serious dangers.

Why AC Service And Cleaning In Al Warqa Dubai?

This is because Air Conditioner have an extremely efficient filtration system. Thanks to this, the air in our apartment is not only circulated, but it is also filtered. However, a lot of the dirt that is filtered out stays in the filters. It gets a little more steam around your neck and then forms an excellent breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms to settle.

These pathogens then start to multiply and are released into the air when the device is turned on. However, we are not talking about dust mites, which are unpleasant for allergy sufferers, but can be found in most apartments. Bacteria, viruses and even fungi in the ac can cause very serious diseases.

In The Absence Of AC Service And Cleaning In Al Warqa Dubai

If they are not cleaned, they will not leave the appliance. Or they leave, but not in the right form, because when they enter the air, they can cause leginellosis or even severe pneumonia, which are dangerous diseases. Even for adults, not children or the elderly.

An uncleaned climate should not be turned on

So from here it stinks, because due to the presence of these contaminants and pathogens, the climate stinks, which we can then inhale. With it, we get pretty much the effect of being bedridden for ourselves and our children in a clinic full of patients and coughing, only the flu is less dangerous than legionnaires ’disease. If the climate isn’t cleaned before season, don’t turn it on because these things don’t ventilate on their own.

When should you clean your air conditioner?

As mentioned earlier, the air conditioner should not be started without cleaning. It is best to ask for cleaning in the month before the season. We wrote that for sure, because it happens that someone is scheduled for June, but by the end of May there is a hot wave that would make them want to start the device.

It is always worthwhile to clean the air conditioner in the spring, but be careful, because if you use the climate in winter, even occasionally, it is necessary to clean it in autumn!

AC Service And Cleaning In Al Warqa Dubai

If you are looking for a company that is guaranteed to clean your AC, you are in the best place, because we undertake the service and cleaning of air conditioner all over Dubai, either independently or together with maintenance.

Our employees are highly experienced professionals who do quality work, but also contribute to your comfort with discretion. If you don’t care who you let into your home, give us a call, because we don’t just work with professionally trusted staff. You can also make an appointment at our customer service or on our online interface, which can be found at the bottom of the page, under the appointment appointment menu item.

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