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Nowadays, in our homes, workplaces and cars, we take it for granted that we live in an air-conditioned environment, making our well-being more pleasant, making sleep more relaxing and improving work efficiency. 
However, in the indoor unit of the ac, warmth and humidity provide an excellent breeding ground for bacteria that cause respiratory diseases. This closed system promotes the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi, with air blown by the air conditioner, which can lead to illness when inhaled!

It can be very dangerous !!  Legionellosis (the disease is caused by legionella pneumophila) and systemic fungal infections, the pathogens of which can cause the disease by settling in the air conditioning system and entering the air. Luckily, they can only feel that there is smelly, unpleasant air near the ac. With special ac disinfection, you can enjoy the cool comfort of your device in peace, health and breathing clean air. For allergy sufferers, a properly maintained device can also be a solution thanks to special filters, improving air purity and quality of life .

What happens if we fail to maintain?

Manufacturers insist on performing regular maintenance, which is usually tied to maintaining the warranty, so these occasions must be recorded on the warranty card.

Due to the lack of long-term cleaning, dirt accumulating between the plates of the heat exchangers significantly reduces the efficiency. The device is finding it increasingly difficult to provide the right temperature, so it consumes unnecessary electricity, which we will feel in our wallets. Keep in mind that over time, this will increase exponentially and will affect the life of your device.

During continuous cooling operation, the inside of the air conditioner is constantly wet due to condensation. This humid, warm medium is conducive to the growth of bacteria and fungi, and after a while, the filters that precede it are not able to do their job either, so this contaminated air is blown straight into the air by where we are. Deficiencies in drip drainage or lack of years of maintenance can even cause severe infection. Taking all this into account, we can conclude that it is not worth saving on maintenance!

It also saves your wallet from unnecessarily paid electricity bills because regularly  and properly maintained air conditioners consume less power and also extend  blushthe life of your air conditioners. The indoor unit of a neglected air conditioner becomes clogged with accumulated dirt, thereby significantly reducing its cooling capacity. ATTENTION!  Failure to carry out the maintenance required by the manufacturer will void the warranty! Split ac maintenance times a year maintenance of air handling chiller 2-3 times a year   . 

However, these occasions are determined depending on the location of the installation!

Healthy air!
A properly maintained air conditioner ensures optimal air quality while keeping your home cool or warm. By cleaning your unit’s air filters and heat exchangers regularly, you can be sure that you and your family are breathing healthy, clean air.
Higher efficiency!
Thanks to regular ac service and cleaning in mirdif Dubai, inspections, professional replacement of parts and other minor interventions, your air conditioning system can operate much more efficiently. In return, you can enjoy the benefits of energy savings, as your device will provide peak performance.
Cost savings!
In the long run, maintenance is always cheaper than occasional servicing. Preventive maintenance allows you and Daikin to plan ahead to avoid urgent and in this case more costly interventions. Clear, transparent and predictable costs throughout the life of the device.
Minimized system downtime!
Scheduled maintenance is transparent, easy to plan, and allows you to find the best time to visit to avoid the inconvenience caused to you.
A regularly maintained air conditioner is less likely to fail in the high season. Regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment will ensure that you do not have to worry about it shutting down when it is most needed.
Improved security!
If a device is not used properly or for a long time, it may cause dangerous working conditions or accidents. Regular maintenance is provided by the air conditioner
safe operation of the equipment and complies with local regulations and requirements


If a split air conditioner cools a server room then maintenance is required  every 2 – months!
If they are heated with a liquid-cooling system in winter, it  is recommended to inspect them at least every 2 to 3 months!

The dirt deposited in the drip tray of the neglected, unprofessionally and regularly cleaned split air conditioner units in the drip tray of the air conditioner forms bacterial fungal mold colonies in the humid dark environment. increase the risk of developing respiratory diseases such as allergies, asthma, legionellosis, etc.

Proper cleaning of the split ac prevents microorganisms that are most often found in ideal living conditions in the device from settling, multiplying, and being continuously circulated by the equipment together with the by-products of their clay exchange in the indoor air. In addition to the most common mold  fungal species aspergillus, penicillum ) , bacteria also appear on the thin film layer on the heat sinks of the indoor units and on the drip tray. The best known strain of bacteria that can be linked specifically to air conditioners is legionella, which can cause typical pneumonia !

AC maintenance, cleaning, service phases:

– Fungus removal of the indoor ac unit, decontamination of bacteria, chemical treatment, disinfection, prevention of the formation of bacteria, mold and fungal colonies. Indoor fungus removal

– Completely disassemble and clean the very dirty appliance !

AC Service And Cleaning In Mirdif Dubai!:

  1. Removal of air conditioning indoor unit cover, dry cleaning.
  2. Chemical cleaning of the condenser or evaporator of the air conditioner , removal of fungi!
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting the evaporator of the filter unit of the indoor unit!
  4. Check condensate line, clean if necessary!
  5. Check for refrigerant leaks and top up if necessary!
  6. Check the supply air temperature
  7. Inspecting electrical units, retightening connectors!
  8. Check fan and compressor current consumption!
  9. Cleaning and disinfecting the air filters of the air conditioner!
  10. Complete adjustment (pressure values or automation).
  11. Air conditioner maintenance report certification!

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