AC Service And Cleaning In Damac Hills Dubai

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Why ac service and cleaning in damac hills Dubai important?

There are three main aspects to consider when service, cleaning, and maintaining air conditioning and refrigeration equipment:

  • protecting our health
  • reducing energy consumption
  • increase the life of the equipment.
AC Service And Cleaning In Damac Hills Dubai

ac service and cleaning in damac hills Dubai to protect our health:

You are probably already dead about the fact that a poorly maintained neglected air conditioner can serve as a medium for certain fungi and bacteria. The most dangerous of these is Legionna pneumophila, also known as Legionna pneumonia, but its development is negligible in residential air conditioners.

The presence of molds that can multiply in indoor air conditioner units (in damac hills Dubai), many of which are allergic to spores, is a significantly greater threat. In addition, many respiratory illnesses can be caused by unmaintained air conditioners. Many air conditioner companies have already developed various filter systems and special coatings, as well as self-cleaning functions, which reduce the chance of air conditioners becoming contaminated, but these also need regular maintenance.

The indoor unit of the air conditioners circulates a huge amount of air in the room, in the case of smaller units 300-500m3/h the unit circulates thousands of m3/h of air. This means that a normal split climate circulates up to 50-60 sprays of air throughout the room. This is practically equivalent to the performance of a vacuum cleaner, but the filter built into the indoor unit can only filter out larger dust particles. The finer micro-dusts cannot be caught by the filter cartridge and are deposited inside the appliance when they enter the indoor unit. Some of the dust adhering to the heat exchanger is washed away by the dripping condensate, but it is continuously deposited on the huge heat exchanger surface, reducing its efficiency and becoming a hotbed for the formation of mold fungi. The dripping condensate is a small amount of dust, washed away from the heat exchanger, but much of it forms a mucous layer in the condensate tray and tube. This mucous powder mixture, after switching off, dries continuously into the condensate tray and the drain pipes.

If the indoor unit is not cleaned regularly, the dust and other deposits deposited in it will become thicker, resulting in mold and fungal deposits in the indoor unit. The device will constantly circulate this unpleasant air in the room, which is not only unpleasantly smelly, but can also cause irritating and more serious upper respiratory illnesses.

a wide range of air conditioning service and cleaning (in damac hills Dubai) aerosols are available for cleaning indoor units and condensate drain pipes, some of which can also be purchased in our web store. Other acidic, alkaline irritants can cause damage to health and even damage to air conditioners.

Air conditioning at home

Dust on the fan blade of the indoor unit causes a significant problem, which unfortunately cannot be removed by home methods. The various scented disinfectant sprays available commercially in supermarkets only give the appearance of cleaning, of course it is better than nothing, but it does not solve the complete disinfection and cleaning of the device. The layer of dust deposited on the fan blade thickens over time, clogging the passages between the blades, which severely impairs the air delivery and performance of the unit. Dust deposited on the fan can only be removed by mechanical cleaning, which requires the removal of the fan blade, which can be very costly and in many cases cumbersome. Even experienced air conditioners often have difficulty removing the fan,

Is it necessary for ac service and cleaning in damac hills Dubai in case it is not used for a long time.

Unfortunately, even if the appliance is not used, it will become dusty, and a room that is rarely used will still need to be cleaned. But that’s not the biggest problem. In case a device is not used, it is preferred for use by insects and other parasites. In both indoor and outdoor units, spiders, bugs, flies and other insects prefer to settle, and their picks are taken out by colleagues from unused air conditioners. We’ve also met dead mice indoors. And the wasps prefer to nest in the outdoor unit. Insects prefer to nest in the condensate drain pipe, which prevents the condensate from escaping freely and this results in frequent flow of the indoor unit. Insects are not only problematic because they stink, but they can cause small short circuits on the electrical panel, which can damage the device. If a device is not used for a long time, refrigerant may still leak from it, so it is recommended that you have it checked by a technician before turning it on to avoid major repairs.

How often should a air conditioner be maintained & service?

Air conditioner manufacturers require a minimum of once a year, but also a minimum of twice a year for some types of appliances used in heating operations or extended in the case of an extended warranty. There are dirty, dusty places or where the appliances are used continuously where the air conditioner needs to be cleaned up to four or five times a year.

The ac service and cleaning in Damac Hills Dubai and other surrounded Areas is especially important next to busy main roads because in these areas the device must be cleaned every 1-2 months.

AC service and cleaning in damac hills Dubai maintenance to reduce energy consumption:

Operators of air conditioning and air conditioning systems can achieve significant energy savings  if their equipment is regularly maintained. According to a study in Sweden, 87 percent of the 164 devices tested were operating at higher power consumption within a short time of commissioning.

The main reason for this is the fouling of the heat exchanger surfaces of the cooling systems. These heat exchanger fins are being made denser as technology advances to make better use of space. Thanks to the denser lamellae, dust and other dirt adhere more easily to the surface, and even equipment that has not been cleaned for a long time can become completely clogged. Dirt deposited in this way prevents the flow of free air from overheating, which can lead to higher energy consumption and, in worse cases, damage to the device.

Air conditioners with poplar trees nearby are at particular risk, as the flowers of this hostel can contaminate a piece of equipment in as little as a few days. I’ve come across a device that was installed in May and the poplar flower was so clogged that the compressor burned down in July.

With regular maintenance, energy savings of up to 30-40 percent can be achieved. It can be seen from the previous data that in case someone neglects the maintenance, service & cleaning of the air conditioner, they constantly pay it in the electricity bill due to the increased consumption.

It is very important to know  that the manufacturers guarantee the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment only if the required maintenance is carried out regularly by the operator at least once a year for heat pump equipment and can be confirmed by a maintenance document and invoice kept in the equipment manual.

Another important thing in favor of maintenance is to review the operation of mechanical rotating, moving parts in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and, last but not least, electrical systems. Wear of mechanical parts and bearings can lead to vibration and significantly increased noise. A review of electrical components is important for proper operation and energy use, and even a neglected air conditioner can cause a severe electric shock or even fire.

There is one more thing about air conditioning and refrigeration equipment that needs a lot of attention, this refrigerant leak can cause several problems. The most tangible problem is that our equipment will not cool properly and this will significantly increase power consumption and reduce performance. Operation with a larger lack of refrigerant can also cause the unit to malfunction.

AC Service And Cleaning In Damac Hills Dubai:

For an average air conditioner, the following service, cleaning, & maintenance work should be performed:

  • cleaning the cover of the indoor unit of the air conditioner
  • chemical cleaning and disinfection of indoor unit filters
  • chemical cleaning of the heat transfer surface, drip tray and pipe of the indoor unit and the fan unit
  • cleaning the condenser of the outdoor unit with compressed air or a high-pressure cleaner with a heavily soiled surface
  • measurement of supply air
  • checking current consumption
  • refrigerant pressure check (if required)
  • refrigerant leak check at air conditioner connections, check connections if necessary, after pulling
  • review of the electrical system of the air conditioner
  • inspection of the mechanical units of the air conditioner
  • checking that the air conditioner is properly secured

When should you order ac service and cleaning in damac hills Dubai?

With the advent of the first hot days, the workload of ac maintenance companies is increasing exponentially, in many cases reaching unmanageable proportions in a short period of time. Waiting time can mean queuing for several weeks or months in an emergency. At such times, everyone suddenly remembers that they should buy a climate, because no one undertook the installation last year. And in this case, turn on the climate first for all owners, almost on the same day and experiencing different problems.

What can be the problems with non-maintenance?

  • the climate is dripping
  • the climate stinks
  • the climate is noisy
  • the climate does not cool
  • the climate is icing
  • the climate does not start
  • crushes the fuse of the air conditioner

Hundreds of the problems mentioned above come to us, and many times the phone gets out of hand. That’s why it’s worth ordering maintenance in late fall, winter, or early spring, because anyone waiting until April is probably late. Many companies from spring to autumn do not even undertake maintenance or just raise up to 3 times the price!

Cost For AC Service And Cleaning In Damac Hills Dubai:

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