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AC Service And Cleaning In Town Square Dubai | 0568770106

Air conditioning cleaning and Service In Town Square Dubai: 

Proper periodic service and cleaning of the air conditioner is extremely important in several respects, as in addition to the health risk, it can also cause the air conditioner to malfunction if not maintained. Another important aspect is that after a period of lack of maintenance, our ac emits a particularly smelly smell, because in the absence of maintenance, many bacteria and pathogens settle in, which also have a bad effect on our health. So not only operational safety but also health is a pretty compelling argument for regular maintenance.

It is performed during air conditioning maintenance

  • Complete cleaning of the indoor unit
  • Filter and cover cleaning
  • Cleaning internal components
  • Function testing
  • Heat exchanger cleaning, disinfection
  • Condensate drainage check
  • Disinfection and removal of mushrooms from the drip tray
  • Outdoor unit cleaning
  • Check electrical connections, then pull
  • Gas leak check
  • Test run

The importance of ac service and cleaning in Town Square Dubai

An average climate moves large amounts of air during operation. The air in a room is approx. It turns around in 10 minutes, both in the room and in the air, so you can grab the dust and pollen. Due to the humidity in the room, they get stuck in the circulating squirrel wheel and filters of the climate, and then they become established bacteria and, over time, mold. We circulate this moldy air in the apartment, house, business premises, office without even knowing what health risk we are exposed to. Regular cleaning of the air conditioner is not only important for our health, but also greatly affects our electricity bill and the lifespan of the air conditioner. Regularly service and cleaning air conditioning its electrical components, both indoor and outdoor, are regularly inspected. Thus, due to the resonance during operation and the lack of vibration damping of the rubber that has dusted over the years, the outdoor unit should not fail.


Most failures could be avoided if we acted on time. When you notice that the climate is not working at its usual performance, or that it is switching on and off more frequently, it is already known that something is causing it. In most cases, climate cleaning, which includes both the outdoor and indoor units, solves this “problem” of climate. During such maintenance, the other components and the refrigerant itself, as well as its pipes and fittings, are operated properly and the gas pressure is maintained.

During maintenance, the disassembled components are disinfected. 


AC Service And Cleaning In Town Square Dubai | 0568770106


If the appliance is exposed to intensive (year-round) use, it is recommended to clean it at intervals specified by the manufacturer. This is noticeable as described above, as the efficiency of the AC is reduced and it is switched on and off more frequently. It should also be borne in mind that devices exposed to such intensive use contain more dirt inside the device.


We recommend that before the start of the season. In many cases, most families using residential AC will not be able to use the device for the first few weeks when the heatwave starts, as there will be weekly waiting lists at air conditioning cleaning companies everywhere. This way, you don’t have to give up the comfort of your apartment or family house, or your office, and you can avoid annoyance.
So in the spring before the cooling season and before the start of the heating season, it is worth cleaning and possibly maintaining the devices.


– it does not work at the usual performance
– the climate is just cooling / heating
– if we are not used to looking at the temperature of the air blown out by the climate, we find that it cools / heats the room slowly
– the pipe freezes (if it appears somewhere)
– the air conditioning
– no refilling in the last 3-5 years (depending on use, device and installation)


If the air conditioner does not turn on or off but does not work, there may be several reasons for this.

Electrical faults:
– outdoor electrical panel fault
– indoor electrical panel fault
– capacitor fault
– improper electrical connection
– improper power supply (poor power supply)

Condensate drainage:
– condensate drainage pipe clogged
– inadequate design during installation (unprofessional)
– drip tray saturated

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Some models also display a warning on the indoor unit that there is not enough refrigerant in the air conditioner to function properly. This must, of course, be remedied as soon as possible. If we are talking about a ac that has been used for years and only cleaned but not maintained, the amount of refrigerant has been steadily declining over the years. This is a natural process, as the seals also lose their elasticity over time and become tired. Much also depends on the durability of the pipe joints and the quality of the solders. If, for this reason (low refrigerant), the air conditioner stops several times in succession,  do not restart it again and again.. The climate can be damaged, it is completely unnecessary to repair it. Adequate refrigerant replenishment should be provided in a timely manner and comprehensive maintenance should be performed. Air conditioners are repaired with a 1-month warranty.


The principle of our company is to provide our customers with a reliable and professional service in the field of climate maintenance, during which the satisfied customer respects us for using the services of our company next time as well. We pay special attention to the communication with our customers and the protection of the equipment during work, the integrity of the painting of the walls and the complete cleaning of the waste, dust from the filter and other rubbish generated after the work. We maintain the air conditioners with a 1-month warranty .


If we are talking about a freshly installed air conditioner, it is a clear installation error. In this case, adjusting the brackets and inspecting the rubber mounts is sufficient to eliminate them. In the case of climates that have been operating for several years, it is common for the rubber mounts on the mounting bracket of the outdoor unit to be aged, cracked or, in the worst case, dusted. Some of the vibrations generated here are transmitted by the tube connecting the outdoor unit and the indoor unit, which often causes disturbing noises, and last but not least, the continuous vibration is not good for the device.


Certainly! However, there is a risk that the warranty will be lost and the stunt will start by breaking the ac cover. They will then face the fact that they have neither the right expertise nor the experience to disassemble and then reliably assemble the components of the indoor unit. Or, if you can still do it without error, you still have to clean the outdoor unit and check the electrical component, replace missing or worn anti-vibration mounts, check the fastenings, replace them if they are missing. Then check the refrigerant pressure and top up if necessary.

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