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We would like to inform you that our company is carrying out its ac cleaning and services in Mira Dubai activities in the usual quality and manner, taking into account the situation caused by the coronavirus, in compliance with the regulations .


Unfortunately, we already know from experience that some air conditioning services and cleaners “perform” only those service and cleaning processes that you could easily perform. In contrast, we break down the entire structure of the air conditioner and then clean it separately for each component and subassembly. 

24-7 AC Service And Cleaning In Mira Dubai

We place great emphasis on cleaning both the outdoor and indoor units, creating the conditions for their safe continued operation. Failure to do so will result in premature failure of the air conditioning compressor and other main components.

We will perform the requested service within 24 hours of ordering.


Is there a problem with the air conditioner’s immediate removal or installation, because the facade thermal insulation can not pass the professionals?

We undertake the professional dismantling and re-installation of the air conditioners on the facade when modernizing the panel houses!


AC Service And Cleaning In Mira Dubai

Anyone who uses an air conditioner in their home, office, or car already knows that regular maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner is inevitable. Neglecting ac clean-up poses a number of health risks. Therefore, it is important that the air conditioner is periodically maintained and cleaned professionally.


  • complete cleaning of the indoor unit cover
  • disinfection of the filter inserts of the indoor unit, replacement if necessary
  • complete cleaning and disinfection of internal air ducts, air deflectors and squirrel wheel fan
  • inspection and replacement of pipe insulation
  • checking and retracting electrical connections
  • gas leakage control
  • elimination of possible noise during operation
  • professional measurement of the cooling capacity delivered


  • cleaning the heat exchanger of an outdoor unit with an air compressor
  • removal of dirt on the outdoor unit cover
  • external console attachment check
  • elimination of any resonance
  • cooling circuit pressure test
  • repair of condensate drainage, removal of blockages
  • replacement of deficiencies and errors by careless construction
  • replacement and repair of pipe insulation to avoid heat loss
  • inspecting the connections of the outdoor unit, replacing the Dutch if necessary

Once a year, one-time maintenance is required, but in the case of permanent winter-summer operation, it is recommended to perform maintenance and cleaning twice before the cooling and heating season. In summer operation, it is worth checking the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit due to the flowering of the trees. If it becomes dirty or clogged, the compressor will work in vain, the performance of the appliance will be reduced, as it will not be able to dissipate heat. This is also reflected in the electricity bill as additional consumption.

If it was done in 10 minutes with a conversation so far, no actual maintenance was done. The length of a professional and all-encompassing maintenance and cleaning if no other problems occur is 30-40 minutes. Because after cleaning and disinfecting the indoor unit cover and filter inserts, other components such as the squirrel wheel fan, baffles, air duct, condensate tray, and the condensate drain itself will be removed. After checking the connectors, insulation, electrical connections, and then assembling the disinfected components, we also pay special attention to the outdoor unit.

Basically, air conditioner gas operates in a closed system. If there is no problem with the suction and discharge connections, or the pipes to the compressor or the compressor itself are not punctured, the gas charge is constant. Gas filling is required if any of the above are present.

Each air conditioner has a gas charge specified by the manufacturer and indicated on the nameplate. In the event of a gas leak on either side, the appliance will not operate with sufficient efficiency from then on. After a pressure test, the missing gas will be replaced by a specialist.

If the air is blown by lukewarm air, it is more than likely that the fault is caused by a fault in the starting capacitor. Its replacement depends on the type of climate and the capacity of the capacitor.

It is either caused by a fault during construction or by the external impact of the condensate drainage due to external influences after construction. In this case, a technician can determine the exact cause of the error.

The air conditioner blows a constant temperature air depending on the type during cooling. The temperature set on the remote control is only one target temperature you want to achieve in the room. If you do not want 16 C ° in your home, do not set the remote control to 16 C °. Enter the temperature you want to reach on the remote control.

We have encountered a number of cases where facade insulation workers working on scaffolds barbarically tear, break, or, at best, pinch the copper pipes in the cooling circuit, which can only be repaired at the expense of an expensive work process. In some cases, the entire cooling circuit may need to be replaced due to improper disassembly. When dismantling, make sure that the condensate pipe and the cooling circuit pipes are of sufficient length so that the outdoor unit can be easily replaced later after the thermal insulation panels have been installed.

Maybe, but not recommended! Why?

Because the components of the air conditioner can only be dismantled without damage by a specialist. This is essential for proper quality cleaning and disinfection. Washing pollen filters is not the equivalent of completely cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner. More simply, the bacteria that cause the disease after washing the pollen filter are equally found in the internal components of the Air conditioner.

With regular use, moisture condenses on the inside of the air conditioner after it is turned off. It does not dry properly and together with the dust forms a layer on the fan and the inside as well. After a while, mold settles on it, which the fan blows into the air as a spore after it is switched on, thus polluting the air we breathe. It has a particularly detrimental effect on us, our environment and those who live there. If the air is blowing stinky air it is more than likely that the mold has settled as soon as you need professional help. After thorough maintenance and cleaning, the internal components undergo complete disinfection, resulting in 99.9 percent removal of mold. Be sure to have your climate cleaned and disinfected by a professional, if you want to achieve tangible results. Call our colleague where they are at your disposal whether it is for maintenance or reviving your older machine.

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