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Air conditioning service

For our air conditioner to work perfectly, we need to undergo service from time to time. With a professional service, we can protect ourselves from many big problems, so it is very important to entrust good professionals with this important task.

Service usually includes cleaning, maintenance and repair, just as car repair and maintenance work at the same time.

We can perform the service even in your home, but also in our workshop. When installing the air conditioner, it should be noted that we install all types of air conditioners, regardless of brand, type or variety.

The service does not include the installation of a new appliance, or pre-piping, or other things that may be related to an not yet equipped climate. Only air conditioners that are already in use can be serviced.

What is air conditioner improvement like?
First of all, it is important to highlight the devices we undertake to repair under warranty that we have installed and we have given a warranty on. We would also like to note here that we provide a guarantee for the air conditioner we install.

Air Conditioner repair first begins with an assessment of the situation. He tries to solve the problem on the phone first – there was a case where only the remote control was exhausted. We’re trying to pinpoint what pretty much the problem might be based on the error tickets so we can get out of your home ready.

Unfortunately, we can never tell you in advance how long the repair will take. There are times when it’s only 10 minutes, but there are times when it’s several hours. It is more complicated if, for example, you live in a panel house and there is a problem with the outdoor unit. You can save time for yourself and us if you remove the furniture in the way or cover your belongings in advance.

Why ac service and cleaning in jumeirah golf estates Dubai is important?
During the summer season, the air conditioner absorbs significant amounts of dust and dirt. In most AC, various filters and dust filters are present to filter out most of the dirt, dust and dust mites and prevent it from entering the room air. The heat exchanger is located after the dust filter, so if the dirt is very high, you can also get to the heat exchanger.

There is moisture on the heat exchanger, so here, due to the wet medium, fungi, molds and bacteria can easily form from the dirt, which enter the air space of the room. It can even result in legionella disease, which can also result in bilateral pneumonia. In addition to this serious illness, asthma and allergies can develop, which may never go away.

It is very important to check our ac before the summer season, as it is well known that thousands of people will start their device together with the first warm weather. In such cases, air conditioners just shake their heads, constant phone calls, desperate customers who are worried that their ac is not working. If you have your air condition checked and cleaned in the spring, you don’t have to worry about the appliance not working.

Are they repaired locally or taken away?
It always depends on the given problem, but we can say that 80-90% of the problem can be solved in your apartment or office. A simple cleaning, maintenance, installation can be done on site, this is almost never a problem.

There is a problem when the appliance needs to be disassembled very carefully due to a cleaning or malfunction. If there is space in your home or office, we can take it apart as well, but our customers usually ask us to take it.

Of course, we always try to get the repair done as soon as possible and return the device free of charge, we do not charge an exit fee.

Are all devices serviced?
Yes of course. Since we have been in the business for a long time, we have come across almost every brand. Fujitsu, Gorenje, Whirlpool, Midea, Electrolux, Samsung, just to name the bigger ones. We have met almost all of them on a daily basis, so we already know all of them exactly.

We also service everything from types, be it split air conditioner, side wall air conditioner, mobile air conditioner or even window air conditioner. As it is quite variable in the population who is installed, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages, we need to be able to deal with all kinds of air conditioner. They all need to be installed and maintained differently, but of course we can handle them without any problems.

Why clean the air conditioner?
Due to diseases and impurities. Let’s start with the diseases.

In the indoor unit of the air conditioner, various bacteria, viruses and fungi are able to settle and multiply. How is it possible? The interior of the indoor unit is a humid, damp environment, which is also pleasantly warm, making it a perfect breeding ground for pathogens.

After colonization, they begin to multiply at a rapid rate. As they multiply, they naturally get out of the air due to the rotation of the air and thus get into the air in the apartment. What we can absorb for up to fourteen hours a day.

One of the most common diseases we can catch is Legionellosis. It should be noted that it only shows real symptoms if it is associated with other diseases such as smoking, chronic lung disease, immunodeficiency, diabetes, chronic kidney disease. The incubation period is 2-10 days, followed by flu-like symptoms such as headache, fever, cough, chest and muscle pain, and so on. After that, if left untreated, the pathogen gets into the liver, intestines, heart and causes various inflammatory diseases.

The other common infection is systemic fungal infection. Here, several species of fungi together cause the disease, and here too the target group is the weakened organisms. Fungi can cause pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses as soon as they enter the airways. If not treated properly, the fungus can spread further and can even cause meningitis, but it can also attack the heart.

Does the same thing happen with the outdoor unit?
Luckily no. There is a different “air conditioner”, there are no facilities, a good environment for bacteria, fungi and viruses, so no such contaminants can develop there. Here we are talking about a different kind of dirt.

Because the outdoor unit is outdoors, it is exposed to a lot of dirt and dust. Cars hit all the dust on the street as early as morning, so units on the street front suck up the dust.

If there is too much dust, if too much dirt enters and settles in the system, it will have an extremely large effect on the device. Dust makes it harder for air to flow, so the device will start to overflow, which will end up ruining the device.

How can I defend against these?
Let’s say no one needs to be convinced that cleaning the air conditioner is important. At such times, everyone is always horrified by the state of their climate and what they can do to ensure that neither illness nor malfunction occurs.

The answer is simple: clean up every six months. Cleaning is usually done with a special disinfectant and a compressed air blown out at high pressure, so we can keep both the indoor and outdoor unit perfectly clean. It doesn’t produce as much pathogen in half a year, nor does it sit down enough dust to be a problem, so it’s ideal to clean twice a year.

Can I clean the climate too?
Today, a variety of disinfectants are available to anyone, so really anyone can catch them. However, we do not necessarily recommend this.

A professional like us has done an amazing amount of cleaning. Thoroughness is very important when cleaning, as we know that we are working for our health and the appliance. However, a person who hasn’t done this before may not know what a thorough job is like. That is why we recommend that you consult a specialist for cleaning!

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