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AC Service And Cleaning In Warsan DubaiIn the scorching summer heat, it is difficult to imagine a pleasant indoor microclimate without the availability of air conditioning, whether for homes, offices or public spaces. However, before you think that it is enough to purchase and then the appliance does not require any attention, you should know that air conditioning maintenance is at least as important as choosing a reliable brand. Why is it recommended to pay regular attention to air conditioner service, cleaning and maintenance? If you want to use your device in a healthy way and avoid high electricity bills, you can’t go around the topic.

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The equipment absorbs a lot of bacteria and dust from outside, which the system has to filter through somehow. High-quality filters are now available for this, but the accumulated dirt must be removed from time to time and the heat exchanger heat sinks must also be disinfected during maintenance. The condensate tray must also be disinfected with chemicals, as bacteria and fungi can multiply in it. It wouldn’t immediately occur to us, but the outdoor unit also needs to be cleaned, as it comes in contact with much more dust than the interior. Clogged filters will strain the equipment and may increase its consumption.

There are also serious health reasons for increased cleaning and disinfection. About 3 decades ago, a new bacterium was discovered that produces symptoms similar to pneumonia, and its main hiding place is in neglected air conditioners and faucets. It poses the greatest danger to the elderly, smokers, and lung patients with weakened immune systems. Symptoms: high fever, muscle aches, dry cough, shortness of breath diarrhea, confusion. Bacteria also multiply in the water sprayed, infecting the air as well. The importance of climate cleaning is also important for allergy sufferers because the air mixed by the air conditioner worsens the condition of allergy sufferers. Carefully prevent the growth of bacteria and molds and the health risks they pose. You can perform the cleaning tasks of the indoor air conditioner in part with the help of air conditioning cleaning spray and dust removal, or for example, using the self-cleaning function of Fujitsu Nocria-X. However, it is not recommended to clean the outdoor unit at home! by AC Maintenance Dubai Professionals

AC maintenance - not just ac cleaning!

But maintenance is not just about cleaning, it is also about checking that the system is working properly. The gas charge must be checked regularly. Although air conditioners operate in principle in a closed system, experience has shown that there are usually as many air gaps left at the joints during installation, which can lead to a reduction in performance over the years. It is important to know that this is not a design defect, can occur with any device, regardless of brand or quality, and needs to be repaired locally. On the one hand, because otherwise the efficiency of the climate is reduced and optimal cooling cannot be achieved even with higher energy consumption, on the other hand, it is necessary to find out where the gas escapes and correct the fault. With today’s stricter environmental regulations, the various gases used in air conditioners, as R32 or R410 can only be used according to quota regulations and the range and price of refrigerants change extremely dynamically. It is in the best interest of both the installer and the owner to have any leaks detected in time and to solve the problem with minimal refrigerant replenishment.

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