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Most modern air conditioners are not limited to air cooling, but allow the air to be cleaned using appropriate means. Such a combination makes sense and the presence of antiseptics, stabilizers and deodorants is natural. Naturally, every air conditioner requires regular filter cleaning. A dirty cleaner, at least, fills the room with dust and harmful substances.


Of course, for such work you can call the house of a specialist, but trust me, anyone has all the necessary information to carry out service and cleaning yourself. No complicated devices are required to clean the indoor unit, the main thing is to understand the principle and give instructions like we do.

First, our site AC DUBAI MAINTENANCE wants to tell you about the classification: filters are divided into pocket and mesh. The first is more difficult, but a service and cleaned network doesn’t work very well.

Unplug the appliance before starting work. Then open the lid a few times and remove the filter. Take any, non-aggressive, antiseptic and wash the filter with water under the tap and sponge. Dry the filter thoroughly, carefully assemble and inspect the device. It’s good. Mesh filters: they can be washed repeatedly, dried in almost any conditions, etc.

Unlike the mesh, the pocket wash doesn’t happen at all with the deteriorating quality of the air conditioner – you’ll have to replace the filter completely. Blocks for replacement can be found in any store. The sequence of actions here is the same, just unwashed, the filter replaces the new one.

There are also sophisticated options that the filter highly recommends – there are modern hard or soft filters for a complex device. To replace, you need to purchase a new filter block and call the wizard’s house. The benefit usually coincides with these two points.

Pay attention to details such as the structure of the cafe seal and the integrity of the buffer on which the block itself is installed during the work. Perhaps some of them need to be replaced as well.

Note that maintenance must be performed regardless of whether or not you service and clean it independently. The minimum number of wizards in your home is twice a year. Adherence to such rules allows you to adjust the air conditioner to comply with all the rules announced by the manufacturer.

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It is not difficult to guess that the operating time of a fully switched filter is directly related to the cleanliness of the room. If you have a lot of dust, clean the air conditioner often. It is possible to experience the calculation time of the filtering time of the air conditioner. When you see that the quality of the work has decreased, try to disassemble the device. If the filter is clogged, then try to do it next time. And if clean, later. Some residential buildings allow the filter not to be changed all year round, but such conditions can be considered ideal – a constant wet cleaning or an accompanying air purifier


What elements should be service and cleaned along with the filter?

Filter for washing – the work is complicated, but the other parts of the air conditioner are optimally better without special preparation. Heat exchangers and radiators in air conditioners should not be contaminated, but their condition should be professional. The cooling and heating and air heating processes in these elements are an important part of the device. The quality of the air circulation affects its cooling quality and therefore the space between the plates should be free.

Minor contamination can be removed with a stiff brush. However, only the dust settles on the plates. Condensate can turn dust into a film, and evaporation contains resins and oils that remove the conditioner over time. Assocal plates are growing slowly, which can block the flight of air, which leads to the load of the air conditioner. Also, a small portion of the fluff enters through the filter and stays there as well.

Major contamination has an outside block. They often remember this, but its congestion can also lead to failure.

Serious effort is required to clean up heavy contaminants. The obligation is not to damage their delicate protective coating. The nature of pollution usually requires decisive action. This is, for example, washing with cleaning fluids. It is not always possible to help them, special fluids for radiators can be taken to the rescue. Examples of such devices are steam cleaners and powerful vacuum cleaners. The second is the peculiarity of pollution and the difficulty of heat exchange.


Regardless of the tool, it means you need to be sure of what you want to do.

Service and cleaning the turbine in the indoor unit (fan)
Service and cleaning requires not only the radiator, but also fans, especially those located indoors. The design turbine of modern models is designed to deal only with the air passing through the filter and radiator. They are. It requires less cleaning and it itself stays very clean.

Unfortunately, not all models are regulated: in some, regardless of the filter and air conditioning, the fan gets air. This model has its advantages, but you need to monitor its contamination. Due to the lack of air supply, the walls of the radiator start to freeze. As a result – the system starts leaking.


Once the knives have wrapped around the fur coat, a rotten odor appears in the room. Such material absorbs water well and mold and mildew. Wet clusters of dust, hair and wool are an excellent tool for the growth of microorganisms. Unpleasant evaporations do not wait and will be a signal that science needs to be accelerated.

The most important unpleasant odors are the slow movement of the fan during rotation. Dirt militants can not only slow down the rotation, but also disrupt the center balance, leading to device failure. If you hear an external noise occurring in a closed unit, then the cause may be due to contamination of the turbine.


Service and cleaning Guide in Air Conditioning Drainage The air
conditioner can be very recognizable in another as well, which is when the drainage system becomes clogged. The “sewer” air conditioning tubes look much nicer than their original antoguce, but the features work the same. Similar, respectively, problems and ways to solve them. Drainage of oil and dust can become clogged, in some cases a colony of fungi (dense mold) and others can make the plug. The reasons for this are the atmosphere in the room. Most likely, it has a lot of dust in it. This is because the device may last longer. There will be no less problems with the pipes: the alcohol will bend the hose and accumulate in the liquid wires.

While its immediate goal is to collect excess dirt, drainage rollers should also be clogged. Moisture and dirt in it can cause the appliance to malfunction and produce a foul odor. Where there is dirt and moisture, a colony of fungi will not wait. They respond adequately to their inhabitants, and mold can appear on the radiator plates, and then on the walls of the device. If you do not stop this process at the root, then if you break the air conditioner, you will see mold not only on the radiator, but also on the working walls.

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Air conditioner equipment manufacturers often need to be serviced and cleaned by technical staff. It should be noted that different elements are supplied with different frequencies. Often the cleaning of the air (dust) net, the accumulation of dust, the hair of animals – any mechanical particles present in the air of the apartment. The frequency of cleaning here depends on the total pollution in the room, but it should not be accelerated once a month.

Other components of the split system also need regular maintenance. Depending on the intensity of the system, approximately 6-12 months of reading is recommended. It is sufficient to carry out a cleaning procedure at home (not in an industrial setting) once a year.

Symptoms of air conditioning contamination include:

  • cracking or high performance of the crack system;
  • mass or shift sounds;
  • an unpleasant odor appears after turning on the air conditioner;
  • water droplets from the inner block.

Their appearance is that cleaning has not been produced or performed. With such a manifestation, you need to work comprehensively. It can be done at home, on their own or with the help of professionals.


The air conditioning (partition system) consists of two blocks – an indoor and an outdoor wall in the house.

Located in the indoor unit:

  • filters;
  • fan;
  • radiator and heat exchanger (evaporator);
  • drainage system (bathroom and canal).

The condenser and compressor have turned off the outdoor unit, but a heat exchanger is available and this should also allow flow, leaves, wool and dust to escape.

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