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AC service and cleaning in JVT Dubai is important not only for its extended warranty, but also for your health and the longer, more economical operation of your appliances. A contaminated heat exchanger can dissipate heat with poorer efficiency, while a dirty fan cannot deliver the right amount of treated air to the desired space, and the floor can also be a hotbed for fungi and bacteria.

Air Conditioner service, maintenance and cleaning = Health, Economy, Comfort!

From the use of the air conditioner and one or more per year specified by the manufacturer. it is necessary to have the AC service, cleaning and maintenance operation performed by a specialist several times. This is actually a preventive scan to avoid major errors.

During the ac service and cleaning in JVC Dubai, we check the pressure and leak detection of the cooling circuit, the integrity of the electrical wires, and the possible retraction. We clean the outdoor and indoor unit and check the condensate drain.

With a special spray, the evaporator of the indoor unit is decontaminated to protect fungi and bacteria (eg allergies). Minor faults during the test run will be corrected, eg gas filling, condensate dripping, etc.

“With us, children are allergic to almost everything. The pulmonologist specifically drew our attention to the importance of regular maintenance of air conditioners for us. Special thanks to the Climate City for keeping this in mind and taking this into account when buying machines from them. ”

Why annual ac service and cleaning in JVT Dubai is important?

AC service, cleaning and maintenance is for your needs so that you can really enjoy the benefits of the appliance, but it is also not a side issue that you can keep the appliance’s warranty. The warranty booklet that came with the machine contains detailed warranty information. In addition to regular ac service and cleaning in jvt Dubai, the life and safe operation of the machine can be maintained for a long time.

Why is the air blown out of my indoor unit so smelly?

Users of the air conditioner have probably already experienced a stale odor flowing from the indoor unit when the unit is turned on. This phenomenon is most common after prolonged downtime or with neglected and improperly maintained machines. Air conditioning cleaning is not just about cleaning the filter.

It is good to know that the air conditioner does not blow fresh fresh air into the room, but cools and recirculates the air in the room.

In addition to the substances that cause unpleasant odors, many different fungal and bacterial cultures can settle inside the indoor unit, which can cause allergies and possibly disease!

During the cooling and heating seasons, the air conditioner absorbs a significant amount of airborne contaminants. The primary function of the filter system in the indoor unit is to ensure that the materials filtered out of the air settle on this filter and do not return to the cooled / heated air. Bacteria, fungi and mold can form on the surface of the indoor unit, the fan and the drip tray of a neglected and improperly cleaned air conditioner. When the device is started, the established pathogens are released into the room air. From there, we can get into our eyes, nose and lungs, we can get various respiratory diseases, such as: allergies, asthma, legionella.

AC Service And Cleaning IN JVT Dubai: For The Economy!

In addition to protecting health, it is also important to protect the proper, economical operation of the air conditioner! The dusted heat exchangers of the air conditioner have a harder time passing through the air, which reduces the cooling efficiency. We switch the machine to a lower temperature to reach the desired temperature, thus exposing the machine to a higher load, the compressor of the air conditioner works more. And it follows that it consumes more electricity!

The service, and maintenance of the air conditioner covers not only the cleaning and disinfection of the indoor unit, but also the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is usually located outdoors, so it is exposed to the weather, sunshine, rain, dust, and so on. Due to the large amount of air flowing through the heat exchanger, various contaminants (lint, dust, leaves, etc.) settle between the densely spaced lamellas, thus preventing the free flow of air. As a result, the heat dissipation capacity of the condenser deteriorates, the compressor of the machine runs more, so the current consumption of the air conditioner will be higher and even its power will be reduced. In addition to the increased consumption, the fact that the device wears out faster and its useful life is reduced is not negligible!

AC Service And Cleaning In JVT Dubai Included:

  • Cleaning the indoor unit filter and cover
  • Blow out the air condenser of the outdoor unit with a high-pressure cleaner, if necessary
  • Indoor fungus and bacteria removal by chemical steam cleaning
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check for condensate leaks and clean if necessary
  • Check the electronics and automation of the device
  • Refrigerant circuit check, refill small amount of refrigerant
  • Test operation, current consumption measurement
  • The cost of getting off the work area
  • The mechanic’s salary

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