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How often should the ac be cleaned and service?
The frequency of ac service and cleaning depends on the use, activity and environment. It cannot be dogmatically stated that everyone has to clean their air conditioner every year, because there are places where this is completely unnecessary and there is so little cleaning once a year that it seriously reduces the cooling capacity of the machine.

In most households, it is enough to challenge the air conditioner every two years, but this is only the case with air conditioner washing. The various climate disinfection sprays and foams, steam cleaning and ozone disinfection do not remove contaminants, so they provide only a temporary solution. Every time I make a recommendation to my clients for the next cleaning, based on what they have seen in the climate.

Factors influencing the pollution of residential Air Conditioner:

Baking and cooking
The air conditioners installed in the kitchen become greasy even with the use of a good extractor, so unfortunately there is nothing to do with it, there are those who turn it off during cooking and fry it with the fries, some take note and challenge it every year.

Car traffic
There is so much soot coming from the exhaust of cars that black water flows from the ac in the inner districts of Budapest during cleaning. Along the busier roads, the soot load and the air quality of the surrounding smaller streets are spectacularly higher, but they are highly dependent on the prevailing wind conditions.

Number of floors In
urban conditions, it matters a lot how many floors your apartment is on. The higher we go, the cleaner the air.

If I don’t notice it in my own climate, I’d treat it with strong reservations that if we’re always scattering in a small room, the climate filter will be full of fluff on a regular basis. With air conditioning, the clothes dry very quickly, but the air conditioning filters need to be cleaned every two weeks. These lint are large enough to be caught by the filter so they don’t get inside the machine.

Nicotine deposits in the indoor unit can be seen in both the open window and the smokers on the balcony. The electric cigarette is no exception, although it forms the same brown deposit inside the climate as a conventional one.

The end of the fur of furry goods is dusty, this floating, fine powder is nicely collected by the ac. Large rainforest parrots nurture their plumage from their powdery glands, which sit on the fan wheel as white dust when in flight or fluttering their wings.
Interestingly, I didn’t notice any particular air pollution in the wavy parrots and finches.

Aquarium and houseplants
It is quite rare, but there have been some examples of someone keeping such a large amount of aquarium or plant in their home that the climate has fungus much faster than normal due to the extremely high humidity.
You don’t have to worry about one or two indoor aquariums and 10-20 flower pots, but there are 5-6 tortoises or 1-2 thousand violets in a one-and-a-half-room apartment.

Construction in the area Construction
sites are subject to a high load of dust, which can be seen on both indoor and outdoor units.

For shops and some of you, air conditioning cleaning may be required by the Legionella risk assessment document, if you have it, or it may be forced when the air conditioner is just straining but unable to cool, or even dripping.

Dirt in the shops stops the climate much sooner than in the flats, there are typical contaminants according to activity, such as the brownish greasy deposit in the butcher, or the thick white layer of dust in the dental workshops. There are many shops like a larger hairdresser or greengrocer where in addition to dusting the filters every month, two to three cleanings a year are also required.

For some, it is recommended to service and clean the ac once a year, if you need more than that, you will feel the air conditioning function or the smell.

When should you need to ac service and cleaning in silicon Dubai?

As with all seasonal work, professionals are overwhelmed during peak periods, so it’s a good idea to schedule climate cleaning out of season. It is not interesting for the machine when it is cleaned, as the indoor unit is so closed that dust can not enter when it is turned off.
The main ac service and cleaning in silicon Dubai season runs from April to July, and the demand is increasing in September and October at the beginning of the heating season due to the air conditioner used for heating.

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