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Since the advent of air conditioner, our lives have been made easier and more comfortable day by day with a great invention, thanks to which we no longer have to cook in our own juices in the greatest heat of summer and not even grieve over their unusedness in winter. Although a modern air conditioner has almost become a part of our lives, and we would only notice its absence if it didn’t happen suddenly, if we don’t forget about its regular maintenance and cleaning, it can certainly serve us for a very long time to come.

AC Service And Cleaning In Meadows Dubai

Our company undertakes the cleaning, service, maintenance and disinfection of air conditional in household, commercial and industrial facilities.

What does AC service and cleaning consist of?

AC service and cleaning should be done at regular intervals to ensure the health of ourselves and our environment. The service and cleaning process itself is not very complicated, but it is extremely important! Let’s see what it consists of:  

  1. In the first step, we take off the plastic cover of the indoor unit, the “set” of the air conditioner.
  2. The second step is to put on a special laundry bag that will insulate and collect the dirty water / chemicals in the following .
  3. We then spray the ac with a special fungicide and bacteria killer .
  4. As long as it has the desired effect, the removed plastic covers and filters are also carefully cleaned .
  5. The next step is rinsing! When washing the entire heat exchanger with a high-pressure cleaner .
  6. In the end, there is nothing left but to put everything back in its place, now ready for safe use!

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The importance of ac service and cleaning in meadows Dubai

Air Conditioner service and cleaning in meadows Dubai needs to be done regularly for two basic reasons. First, to preserve our health. Due to the continuous condensation, microorganisms can multiply inside the ac. Secondly, by service and cleaning the air condition, we ensure the perfect operation and optimal performance of the device.
By service and cleaning the air conditioner, we get rid of unwanted viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition, we can be sure that the equipment will operate at full efficiency during the given season. Service and cleaning the air conditioner also includes cleaning and service the outdoor and indoor unit of the air conditioner.        


Frequency of service and cleaning the split air conditioner

It is advisable to clean the split air conditioner at least twice a year. Several times, if the air conditioner is used all year round, so during the heating season as well as during the heating season. In such cases, service and cleaning the split ac is recommended by experts three to four times a year.

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AC disinfection: Prevention is always cheaper than repair

There is a risk of any error slipping into the system with any operating device. The machine is still running for one minute, and the next it stops unexpectedly and unexpectedly. This is no different with air conditioners. We do well if the failure does not occur right in the middle of the cooling season, at a temperature of 40 degrees. And we’re even better off if it doesn’t happen at all because we’ve done ac service and ceaning in meadows Dubai on a regular basis. 
Proper air conditioning maintenance not only benefits the unit, but also pays off for the air conditioner owner. 
After all, the saying goes that it is much cheaper to prevent trouble than to fix it. For that to really be the case one of the conditions is proper climate maintenance by a reliable professional.
At our company, the customer can get the services related to the servicing of the air conditioner at a favorable price. The indoor unit is cleaned and the air conditioner is disinfected for AED 160 only. The price of our package, which includes the cleaning of the outdoor and indoor unit, as well as the disinfection of the air conditioner, is AED 300. The maintenance of the ceiling air conditioner costs AED 500. We go to your house in Meadows Dubai and its 10 km radius free of charge and we also undertake a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The process of service and cleaning the ac

The process of air conditioning service and cleaning begins with the disinfection of the air conditioner. Disinfecting the air conditioner by blowing a disinfectant liquid on the indoor unit of the unit. The liquid acts in about a quarter of an hour, and the deposited mold layer is removed by the cleaning liquid with the help of a water jet. The equipment is then switched back on and checked for operation. The next important step in maintaining your air conditioner is to clean your outdoor unit . This part of maintaining the air conditioner is significant because the dust loaded in the heat exchanger can obstruct the air path. Accumulated dust is usually removed with high pressure air. When the heat exchanger cleaning is completed, it is also air conditioning cleaningalso means the end of the process.

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