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Air conditioner cleaning introduction:
    Air conditioner service and cleaning is the main key to the maintenance of air conditioners and air conditioners. It is conducive to improving the cooling effect, shortening the cooling time, saving energy and extending the service life of the air conditioners. It is an important part of rational use of air conditioners and strengthening of standardized management.
    In the past, air conditioner users did not pay enough attention to the maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners. They should strengthen the work in this field and promote the development of the air conditioner industry. Catalog : 1. Reasons for cleaning 2. Correct cleaning 3. Cleaning strategies 4. Timing of use 5. Water leakage treatment

AC service and cleaning in discovery garden Dubai Reason

 People who have used air conditioners for a long time will find that after the air conditioners work for a certain period of time, their cooling and heating effects will be significantly reduced, and there will be some strange smells. And long-term living in this environment, people often feel dizziness, fatigue, colds and other symptoms, experts warn: this is the air conditioning syndrome. So why does the above phenomenon occur, and how to solve this problem?
  This is because the air conditioner works in a closed environment, and the indoor air quality is degraded. The main reasons for the decline in air quality are the rise of human metabolites, CO2, waste gas, dust and other substances produced in the life process. During the operation of the air conditioner, these substances will firmly accumulate on the evaporator fins of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, thereby affecting the cooling and heating effect of the air conditioner. More importantly, these dirt and pollutants contain bacteria, which will breed many molds and bacteria. When the air conditioner works again, these bacteria will quickly disperse into the indoor air under certain conditions, so that the content of air bacteria will rise. If you live in this environment for a long time, people are prone to diseases, especially immune function. Poor old people and children are more likely to contract diseases.
   The results of the survey on the sanitary status of air conditioners released show that in the detection of dust accumulation and dust accumulation in air ducts of air-conditioning systems in more than 60 cities, 47.11% of air-conditioning ducts were seriously polluted, and 46.17% were moderately polluted. Only 6.12% qualified. This set of shocking figures tells us that the air conditioner overhead has become a source of pollution that endangers the health of the family!
    In a closed environment, the air circulation is not good, the concentration of indoor pollutants increases, and the air quality decreases, which will have adverse effects and harm on the human body.
    Indoor air pollution can cause harm to the nervous system, respiratory system and immune system of the human body, causing various diseases or relapse of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.
    The World Health Organization has listed indoor air pollution as one of the 10 major threats to human health along with hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity.
    In daily life, some groups are weak, have poor resistance, and have poor adaptability to the environment, mainly including infants, pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled, and people with acute and chronic diseases.
    About 80% of a person’s life is spent indoors, and sensitive groups such as infants, pregnant women, the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled spend more time indoors.

Proper AC Service And Cleaning In Discovery Garden Dubai

    Do 1 more step at a time
    Service and cleaning the filter is not enough, cleaning and sanitizing the heat sink is the key
    Today, most families still service and clean air conditioners only at the filter level. In fact, doing so cannot completely remove the pollution caused by air conditioners. Because the filter only filters a part of the dust, there will still be some dust accumulated on the heat sink through the filter, and a large number of germs will accumulate.
    After understanding the real cause of air conditioner pollution, we can do one more step each time to clean the air conditioner, clean the filter screen and also clean and disinfect the air conditioner heat sink, so as to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the heat sink and cause pollution to the indoor air. .
    Disinfect once a month
    Monthly cleaning and disinfection of air conditioner fins Air conditioner is really clean
    In addition to developing the habit of cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner with one more step each time, it is also necessary to regularly clean and disinfect the air conditioner heat sink.
    Every year, the air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is turned on for the first time when the seasons change. However, in the months when the air conditioner is frequently used, such as summer, because people may stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the indoor air quality directly affects our health, so The air conditioner needs to be cleaned regularly. A simple method is to disinfect the air conditioner once a month.
    The air conditioner heat sink is not removable, and due to the particularity of its mechanism, it is useless to wipe with a damp cloth, brush cleaning, etc., and it is easy to damage the heat sink. In this regard, the disinfection of air-conditioning heat sinks should use regular air-conditioning disinfectants, which can be easily done by yourself. At the same time, the selected products must have the “National Ministry of Health disinfection product certificate number”, so that the sterilization and disinfection effect can be guaranteed. In addition, since the dirt and germs on the heat sink are removed, the cooling effect of the air conditioner will also be better, which is really a two-in-one move.
    Of course, in addition to solving the source of air-conditioning pollution, during the use of air-conditioning, the air-conditioned room should often open windows for ventilation to maintain air circulation to reduce indoor air pollution.
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AC Service And Cleaning In Discover Garden Dubai Strategy

    Filter cleaning
    Open the window and ventilate, first wipe the air conditioner casing with a rag, then open the casing, remove the filter, use the water pipe to rinse it with tap water, do not use detergent or something, just rinse it directly, if the water flow is not enough When you are in a hurry to wash off the dirt, you can adjust the shower head in the bathroom to the fastest water flow level, and then rinse it, usually it can be rinsed clean; after rinsing, put it in a cool place to air dry, do not expose it to the sun, the filter is generally It’s plastic and can’t stand high temperatures. Finally, after the filter is dry, put it back into the air conditioner and close the air conditioner housing.
    Matters needing attention: When cleaning, be sure not to use something like a brush, which will brush the filter eye of the filter screen, which will damage the filter screen and affect the use effect of the air conditioner.
    Heat sink cleaning
    cleaning part
    heat exchanger surface
    Refers to the dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of the fins of all heat exchangers related to the evaporator and condenser of the coil fin air conditioning equipment in this standard that affect the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment.
    Air supply mechanism
    Refers to the coil fin air conditioners in this standard, except for the two heat exchangers of the evaporator and the condenser, the air inlet components, filter components, air supply components, air ducts and hoses, air outlet components, Dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of all related air supply mechanisms that affect the air conditioning quality of the equipment, such as the condensate tray, the body shell, etc. (except for the installation of extended air ducts).
    cleaning tools
    1 Air conditioner cleaning agent, plastic shell cleaning agent;
    2 (cleaning the air duct of the air conditioner), Baijie brush (cleaning the aluminum fins of the air conditioner);
    3 scouring pads (2-3), screwdrivers and other tools.
    cleaning step
    1 First, remove the air deflector and filter; remove the middle frame screws to remove the casing, remove the remote control signal receiving board; remove the temperature sensor and remove the air guide vanes.
    2 sets of air conditioner waterproof cover, spray the air conditioner cleaning agent to clean the aluminum fins;
    3. Spray the plastic case cleaning agent to clean the wind wheel and brush the air-conditioning wind wheel;
    4. Brush the aluminum fins of the air conditioner, rinse the air conditioner fan, and clean the air conditioner drain.
    Secondary cleaning
    At the beginning of summer and winter every year, two major cleanings are carried out to achieve the purpose of sterilization, disinfection and purification. Clean the air conditioner, remove the growth of microorganisms, and eliminate the root cause of bacteria, so that the conditioned air sent by the fan meets the air hygiene standards.
    wash early
    The sooner you wash the air conditioner, the better it will be for your family’s health, and it will also make your air conditioner last longer.
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Disinfection method
    Air conditioner disinfectant (for wall-mounted machines)
    1. Turn off the power supply of the air conditioner, unplug the plug, and open the window to keep indoor air circulation;
    2. Open the surface panel of the air conditioner, remove the filter screen and air purification filter (some air conditioners have it, see the air conditioner manual), and expose the heat sink;
    3. Flip off the top safety sheet of the nozzle, shake the bottle and can fully, and spray the entire heat sink in the upper and lower order at about 5cm away from the heat sink;
    4. Wait for about 15 minutes after spraying, and use high-temperature steam to press inward and flush the dirt attached to the fins into the waterway. After the filter is installed, run the air conditioning refrigeration program for 15-30 minutes, and the sewage will be automatically discharged with the drain pipe.
    Air conditioner disinfectant (for cabinet machine)
    1. Grille type air conditioner: Turn off the power of the air conditioner, unplug the plug, and see the heat sink through the air conditioner outlet baffle or open the panel at the lower air inlet.
    Slide type air conditioner: Turn on the air conditioner, slide down the slide cover to let out the normal air, unplug the plug to cut off the power, and see the heat sink through the baffle of the air outlet of the air conditioner.
    2. Insert the spray pipe at the nozzle, remove the safety piece on the top of the spray head, shake the bottle well, and spray about 5cm through the air outlet to the heat sink.
    3. After spraying, wait for 15 minutes, and then run the air-conditioning refrigeration program normally for 15-30 minutes, and the sewage will be automatically discharged with the drain pipe.
    Note: Please insert the tube tightly when using, so as not to fall off when spraying.
    When to use
    Choose the right time for disinfection and cleaning
    1. Seasonal cleaning: Disinfect the air conditioner once before the first start of summer
    2. Disinfect the air conditioner once in late summer, maintain the air conditioner, and prepare for the safe use of the air conditioner in winter.
    3. Daily cleaning: During the frequent use of the air conditioner,
    4. The filter should be cleaned and disinfected once a month for better results.
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    Determination of fluoride deficiency in air conditioners
    1. Try: After the air conditioner is normally turned on for a period of time, the wind blowing on the body feels very cold and can quickly reach the set temperature. It can be said that the outdoor compressor can run for a while like a refrigerator and stop for a while, which can be said to be normal.
    2. Measurement: Use a thermometer to measure the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the indoor unit. The difference is normal if the difference is above 8°C. The larger the temperature difference, the better the working condition of the air conditioner, and the good one can reach about 15°C.
    3. Look: After starting the machine for ten minutes, open the panel of the indoor unit, and you should see that the evaporator (the part that is strung with aluminum sheets on the copper tube for heat exchange) is evenly covered with condensed water (like dew), which is normal. (When the air humidity is high, it is more, and vice versa). If half of them don’t, it may be fluoride deficiency. Such as local frost or ice is not normal.
    4. Touch: If the outdoor unit is in a place that can be touched by human hands, it can be touched by hand ten minutes after it is turned on. The outdoor unit has two copper valves, one is connected to the thick copper pipe and the other is connected to the thin copper pipe. There should be a temperature difference between the two valves when you touch them by hand; the thick one should be lower in temperature than the thin one, and it is normal to feel cooler (there should also be condensed water when the temperature is high). Then touch the hot air of the outdoor unit to see if it is hot. If it is not too hot, it may be a lack of fluoride.
    5. Check: Users who have been using the air conditioner for more than half a year can check whether there are obvious signs of oil leakage at the pipe joints of the indoor unit and the valve of the outdoor unit. If there is obvious oil leakage, it means that the machine is leaking. Oil will leak fluorine, and fluorine will leak oil.
    Fluorination method
    Let’s start with the ingredients: R410a is a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant. When some merchants sell it, they say that it is a fluorine-free air conditioner. This is not a rigorous statement. R410a is a 1:1 mixture of R32 and R125 in a liquid state. It is a suspected azeotropic refrigerant with a boiling point of -51.6 degrees Celsius. And the two refrigerants contain fluorine, how can they be called fluorine-free air conditioners? The reason why he is an environmentally friendly refrigerant is because the two refrigerants used to synthesize 410 do not contain chlorine, while R22 contains chlorine. After R22 enters the atmosphere, the chlorine in it will decompose and react with ozone to destroy the ozone layer, so R410 is environmentally friendly. .
    Features: It is environmentally friendly. The two refrigerants are mixed in a 1:1 liquid state, and the pressure is 1.6 times that of R22, which can improve the efficiency of evaporation and condensation. POE synthetic oil (ether oil).
    Operation requirements: during installation, it cannot be evacuated with air and must be evacuated. The tools used must be special and cannot be mixed with R22.
    All tools must be dedicated during maintenance and filling, including the accessories used in the system must also be dedicated (because his pressure is very high, not dedicated may cause burst leakage). Before filling, the leak point must be found first. After the leak point is dealt with, the remaining refrigerant is added to discharge the vacuum (depending on the capacity of the vacuum pump for more than 30 minutes). Note), when the refrigerant in the tank is less than 10%, you cannot refill the system (because the ratio of the two refrigerants is different in the gaseous state).
    A lot of people say that you don’t need to use vacuum. You are wrong. You can use it without vacuuming, and the effect is similar. If it is your own home, would you not use it? Some people may say that I don’t use it myself, then look When you’re done, you’re deciding whether to smoke or not. So why do you have to vacuum? Let’s start with the ingredients. If you don’t vacuum, there may be air left in the system, which will inevitably lead to different ratios of the two refrigerants, which will affect the effect. From the perspective of refrigeration oil: R410 uses POE synthetic oil, mostly polybasic solid lipids, which are synthesized from acids and alcohols: (acid + alcohol = fat + water) This reaction process is reversible, that is to say, freezing When oil meets water, it will also reversely react to form acid and alcohol, and this acid will react with the metal in the system to generate metal salt particles, which can cause system blockage, and this calculation will also damage the coil enameled layer of the compressor, thereby causing damage to the system. great damage.
    Some people will say that I’m fine even if I don’t smoke, that’s because you’re lucky that the moisture in the air is not absorbed by the dryer, there’s still time, maybe a year or 2 years.
    Water leakage treatment
    When dealing with leaks, you should first determine the cause of the leak. No matter how the water leaks, there is a source. It is not difficult to find out where the water leaked first, and then think about it.
    Generally, there are two types of leaks:
    1. Naturally dirty and blocked, I will not say more about this, the easiest way to blow down the drain pipe is OK (add that the evaporator is dirty and the small water tray behind the inner unit is dirty and blocked, which causes the water to be blocked, so just clean it if it doesn’t work. Internal machine.)
    2. There is water leakage caused by external factors. There is no regularity in this. You can only rely on your own careful observation (for example, mice bite the drain pipe, the installation level is not in place, the plastic parts of the internal machine are deformed, etc.)

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