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AC service, cleaning and air conditioning maintenance also protects the air conditioning equipment and the health of the family. Proper service of the air conditioner requires a competent professional, because only complete cleaning is guaranteed to be safe. AC service and cleaning in Palm Jumeirah Dubai includes all elements of indoor air conditioning cleaning and steps for cleaning the outdoor unit.

AC maintenance twice a year prevents microorganisms from settling, making them impossible to multiply and enter the air. Air conditioning service and cleaning maintains the efficiency of the air conditioning system and keeps it economical to operate. The air conditioner can operate flawlessly for many years to come, because proper maintenance also means keeping it in good condition.

AC service and cleaning in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Elements of climate maintenance

  • Cleaning the filter and cover
  • Heat exchanger cleaning and disinfection
  • Disinfection of drip tray, mushroom removal
  • Checking the condensate drain
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Test run

AC service and cleaning in palm jumeirah Dubai will sooner or later require an air conditioning technician. But under what circumstances do you want to meet the mechanic?

Maintaining a neglected, faulty Air Conditioner can create an unexpected situation and the cost of cleaning the climate can skyrocket if you call in a mechanic for a fungal, unusable climate. You can only do this by trying it all in the middle of a heatwave, when you probably won’t even find a free and reliable professional.

If the air conditioning is serviced and cleaned regularly, the encounter is much more pleasant.

  • Our expert AC Dubai Maintenance colleague will check the condition of your device at a convenient time for you in a few minutes 1 or 2 pre-determined times a year;
  • Air conditioning maintenance protects the health of you and your family;
  • You will be notified in advance if the air conditioning maintenance is timely so you will not have to wait for it to break down.

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Indoor ac service and cleaning in palm jumeirah Dubai

Service, Cleaning and inspecting the indoor unit is a major part of maintenance. In many places, the air conditioning of the apartment is done at home as part of the major service and cleaning in the absence of proper equipment. Our expert staff includes more than just a air conditioner service and cleaner spray. Special equipment is also required to do a thorough job. Part of the indoor unit is the heat exchanger, which will be serviced and cleaned with high pressure air and disinfectant.

Of course, the cleaning of the cover and the cleaning of the filter inserts cannot be left out either, which also requires the aforementioned tools. If necessary, we will also take care of the replacement and replacement of the filter insert. The air deflectors and the fan are cleaned and disinfected. Be sure to inspect the power supply and control line connections, pipe insulation, connectors and ensure that the operation is free of gas leaks and that the hygiene and operation of the indoor unit are impeccable.

outdoor unit ac service and cleaning in palm jumeirah Dubai

Service and Cleaning the air conditioner outdoor unit at home is difficult because the outdoor unit is often located at a height that can only be reached safely by a professional. For service and cleaning agent and high pressure air when cleaning the air conditioner outdoor unit we will also need. Here, too, we service and clean the dirt on the pavement and then carry out a complete factory inspection. Visually inspect the refrigerant and inspect the wiring connections. Perform a refrigerant circuit pressure test. We review the attachments of the external bracket, as in the case of external environmental influences, animals, or even a dilation in 5-6 months, even dilation can be a problem. The resonance formed in the meantime is eliminated. Whatever the problem with the condensate drainage, we offer professional solutions and prevent clogging.

Split ac service and cleaning in palm jumeirah Dubai

Wet dust can be the perfect medium for molds and bacteria. For the dust deposited on the heat sinks, the wet medium of the split due to air conditioning condensation already provides the site. Moisture is essential, but dust can be banished along with unhealthy microorganisms.

The presence of unwanted intruders can be clearly suspected if the split climate emits a smelly, musty odor during use. Unfortunately, the situation is already serious in this case. Air conditioning maintenance and cleaning must prevent this before the problem occurs. If only because if we switch on only late, we will also inhale the compound, the spores, emitted by the mold, together with the unpleasant odor, which can be harmful to our health.

Mold in a split ac can cause:
– difficulty breathing,
– asthma attacks,
– eye irritation,
– sinus infection,
– sore throat,
– joint problems,
– migraines,
– or even pneumonia.

aC disinfection

The air conditioner is disinfected before the air conditioner is assembled. It is a short task, but requires more tools for full efficiency. As a result of climate disinfection, fungi and bacteria that have settled inside the equipment are killed. At the same time, climate disinfection also prevents re-infection.

Air conditioning at home

Service and Cleaning your air conditioner at home will never be as efficient as having a mechanic do the work. The layman does not notice the warning signs, air conditioning cleaning will be more superficial, which is a straight path to failure. It is not worth risking and playing with our guarantee and our health.

Midea ac service and cleaning in palm jumeirah Dubai

There are no big differences between the air conditioner in terms of cleaning and service. It’s important to know that failure to do so may void your warranty, so it’s not worth saving for. If you want to start at home, which we do not recommend, scroll to the cleaning section of the air conditioner and follow the instructions. Midea air conditioners should also be cleaned regularly. You can also buy cleaning fluid for other types, such as Gree air conditioning cleaning spray and other air conditioning cleaning tools. The cleanliness of the Gree air conditioning filter cartridge will be just as important, so either us or the mechanic has to take care of it.

If there is little gas in the air conditioner

When there is little gas in the climate, it occurs in cooling efficiency. Of course, the problem can also be caused by a gas leak. However, checking for gas leaks at home really doesn’t go to anyone anymore, if we weigh the benefits of a professional, it ’s not such a big expense in terms of Air Conditioner Service and Cleaning In Palm Jumeirah Dubai prices .

Heat exchanger acidification

When the heat exchanger is acidified, the deposited limescale is actually removed from the heat exchanger. We use special descaling equipment.

Air Conditioner cleanup is always important, but there are areas where it is paramount

Increased attention is needed in the living rooms of infants and young children, and the moldy climate can have even more serious negative health effects on them. Climate cleaning, of course, cures the problem, climate cleaning is by no means negligible. The price of air conditioning cleaning, the price of air conditioning maintenance pays off in the health of the family.

Insufficient or incorrect home air conditioner cleaning at home has a high chance that the air filters and coils will remain slightly dirty and moldy. As long as we believe that we keep our equipment in order, it will not work optimally, the compressor and other parts will be overloaded unnecessarily.

Our colleagues often encounter the following split ac failure phenomena during maintenance:

  • The air conditioner is underfilled with little gas (refrigerant). Usually there is a leak in the background, so even if we charge it, the first step is to eliminate the leak, this can only be followed by charging and then testing according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • The compressor and fan controls are worn, which occurs when the switch is on and off. This can happen if the contact points and connectors are not checked properly.
  • The thermostat sensor is not working properly.
  • Improper condensate drainage can cause clogging

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