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Here, we’ll take a look at the steps to service and clean up your air conditioner in al quoz Dubai, and we’ll also talk about why it’s important at all. You will also be able to answer the important question of whether air conditioning can be done at home.

We have heard countless times how important it is to service and clean our air conditioner regularly. Failure to do so will not only reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner, but may lead to serious malfunctions and even health problems.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the steps to clean up your air conditioner, and we’ll also talk about why it’s important at all. You will also be able to answer the important question of whether air conditioning can be done at home.

Why is regular service and cleaning of air conditioner so important?

The service and cleaning recommended every year is not a conspiracy on the part of air conditioners to sell an extra service. This is really needed for several reasons.

Health risk

One of the most important and obvious of these is the health risk that a dirty AC can carry. It should be noted about air conditioners that these appliances do not replace the air in the apartment at all, no fresh air enters from outside during their use. The air conditioner only circulates and cools the existing air in the apartment.

The inevitable result of this is that most of the dirt from the air passing through the device will be deposited in the ac. It can be a simple powder, but it can also contain pollens, allergens, spores, viruses and bacteria.

However, the dirt deposited in this way does not remain entirely inside the ac, but a part of it is returned to the air in the apartment, which we then inhale. At first we may think this is not such a problem, as those contaminants were already in the air before that.

The biggest problem there, however, is that the interior of the ac unfortunately provides an ideal environment for bacteria and mold. This allows them to multiply inside the air conditioner, releasing more and more harmful bacteria and spores into the air. And this can even lead to serious health problems!

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Decreasing efficiency

A dirty ac can significantly reduce its efficiency. This means that the same unit of cooling or heating will use more energy than a properly cleaned appliance. 

This is mainly due to the accumulated dirt. Accumulated dust, cobwebs, and other contaminants will obstruct the airway, and the ac will have to operate at a higher rate than usual. 

In this way, we will be able to expect a much higher electricity bill in the long run. Especially if we want to operate the ac all year round.

Risk of failure

Such improperly operated ac must work at much higher performance than would be ideal. This will not only make our electricity bill higher, but unfortunately we will also overload the device with it. 

Overloaded parts wear out and break down sooner. And the cost of such a service can often be higher than it would be for regular cleaning.

Loss of warranty

When you buy an air conditioner, you usually don’t want to replace your device every year or two. Moreover, for air conditioners, repair is usually the primary solution rather than replacement. This means that with a good quality air conditioner you can plan for a good 8-10 years. 

However, this is only true if we can correct any minor errors that may occur in the meantime. This is where the guarantee comes into play, which in turn is subject to conditions . And one of them is regular maintenance and cleaning. 

Manufacturers are also aware that failure to do so may result in more frequent and serious failures. As a result, your device will void your warranty if you do not follow the instructions. In this case, a minor or major failure can be a significant additional expense.

How to properly ac service and cleaning in al quoz Dubai?

There are many different guides and videos on the net that show you how to clean your air conditioner – even at home. These should be treated with caution, as we have come across many materials that are far from thorough or professional. 

Here are the steps to clean your air conditioners, all of which are essential for a really clean and well-maintained appliance.

Step 0 – Unplug the air conditioner

This is a perpetual statute. We do not disassemble, scramble or clean live electronic devices. I guess I don’t really have to explain why not.

Step 1 – Clean the filters

In most split ac, you can already find the filters by opening the indoor unit . These must be removed first. They can be vacuumed, but care must be taken not to use a brushed vacuum cleaner, as they may damage the filter. Then wash the filter, allow it to dry and replace it after complete cleaning. It is advisable to use some disinfectant cleaner to get rid of any bacteria and viruses. Also note that on some models, the filters must be replaced instead of being cleaned. This is especially true for central air cooling systems, less so for split ac.

Step 2 – Apply a waterproof tarpaulin

Since we will usually work with some cleaning agent in the next steps, dripping is inevitable . To prevent the wall behind the indoor unit or the items underneath from getting wet, we need to put on a waterproof tarpaulin.

Step 3 – Clean the evaporator system

These are the pipes in the indoor unit of the air conditioner, also called the evaporator or evaporator. This is where the refrigerant is located, and the air in the apartment cools or heats up as it passes through. Here are tiny little zigzags where dirt can settle beautifully. You may want to use the foam available for this purpose to clean it. This should be blown into the device to get it evenly everywhere. The resulting dirty foam will escape through the ac drain pipe. Depending on how dirty the ac is, this step can be repeated several times.

Step 4 – Clean the drip tube

This is the pipe through which the condensate leaves the ac. It is important to clean it because it is a basically tight beak that can clog if too much dirt accumulates in it . Or, since in most cases it is wet on the inside, mold can easily settle in it, which can also cause clogging. Here, too, it is advisable to use a disinfectant designed for this purpose to get rid of spores, bacteria and other organic contaminants.

Step 5 – Clean the internal fan

Of course, there is an internal fan in each air conditioner that circulates the air. This is where the dirt collects the most, and too much dirt makes it harder for the fan to work . This can be found under the lamellae, where we will see that a significant amount of dust has accumulated. It is worth cleaning this with the foam already mentioned above. Also, be careful not to use any brushes or similar tools as this may bend the fan blades.

Step 6 – Don’t forget about the outdoor unit either

With the indoor unit, that would be the case – after we’ve packed everything back in place, of course. However, the outdoor unit should not be forgotten either, as it can accumulate a lot of dirt. To clean it, we will have to take down the grille and carefully clean the inside. You can even use a lower pressure hose for this. However, make sure that the fan blades do not bend here. This can not only lead to malfunctions, but also reduce airflow.

Step 7 – Make sure the outdoor unit is in place

If you’re already there, let’s also check to see if the outdoor unit is level. Due to the snow, birds and other environmental influences, the equipment sometimes slips a little. And this has a bad effect on its operation.

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Is it better to call an air conditioner to service and clean your air conditioner?

I think based on the above, everyone has already put together the answer to this question. The answer is a very clear YES. Yes, it is better to entrust the cleaning of the air conditioner in any case! 

Let’s see why this is so.

We do not want the warranty to fail

Warranty repair or replacement of most electronic items is subject to conditions. This usually means that the product must be used as intended, otherwise the warranty may be void. In the case of air conditioners, this also means that we cannot just disassemble them, we cannot stand on them.

So if we start service and cleaning the air conditioner at home ourselves, there is a good chance we can say goodbye to the guarantee. This is problematic because these devices are usually designed to be long-term and, accordingly, have a longer warranty period than a simpler electronic item. I’ve also disassembled a laptop at home that only had a one-month warranty. I knew what to do with it and it was easier than waiting weeks for service. However, in the case of a ac, we often lose it not only from a warranty period of one or two months, but even from years. 

The other reason why this is important is that the warranty conditions of most ac require regular annual service – this is also recommended for health and technical reasons. So anyway, we need to call in a specialist if we want to remain eligible for the warranty. And the annual service also includes service and cleaning the air conditioner, so it really makes no sense to start smart at home.

We can avoid the possibility of mistakes

As I wrote above, I love to LEGO, disassemble, fix different things. However, it has happened to me that I disassembled one of the kid’s robots and couldn’t reassemble it. This is not such a problem with a game of a few thousand forints, but it can be quite unpleasant in a climate of hundreds of thousands. 

There are fewer succinct situations than to call the air conditioners afterwards that we started cleaning but got stuck halfway and helped. 

It could be even worse if we just managed to put the air conditioner together, but we made a mistake in the process that we don’t even notice. In this case, you may think that the device is working properly but not. And improperly operated equipment can easily fail, so the cost of repair will ultimately be much higher than it would have been with a professional cleaning. Not to mention that this defect will no longer be covered by the warranty – as explained above.

We can be sure that the ac is really clean and service

Unfortunately, commercially available service and cleaning foams and tools do not always represent the best quality. Even if the quality of the agent used is good, the application must also be perfect so that we can really get rid of all the harmful substances in the ac. 

We can see videos on YouTube where these ac service cleaning foams are not blown out properly. In this case, the disinfectant does not reach the interior of the ac. As a layman, we can easily think that our air conditioner is clean, but in the meantime it floods the room with thousands of bacteria and spores. This can be a particular problem if we clean the climate in this way for years, during which time harmful pollutants will accumulate. 

Thorough cleaning is always carried out by professionals. Not only are visible, surface contaminants removed, but they actually disinfect the entire system. And this is essential to maintain the health of the user.

The secret advantage of service and cleaning a person with a professional is the secret

Last time I left an argument that very few people think about when it comes to ac cleanup. If we are very skillful, we may be able to disassemble the air conditioner, service and clean it properly, and then reassemble it. However, as a layman, we can easily skip over details that a professional would immediately notice. 

Even a good simple ac service and cleaner will immediately notice minor faults – for the time being – that as a layman we are not sure about . A good ac has been listening to, inspecting, checking air conditioners for decades. So even a small click or a hiss can tell you a lot. When we first see a climate inside us in our lives, these little things are quite certain we won’t notice.

These are often tiny bugs or slippages that can be easily corrected if noticed in time . For example, a capacitor that makes a louder sound, a loose screw, an incorrectly running pipe, or a device other than the water level. Tiny, easy-to-correct, penny problems. 

However, failure to repair them in a timely manner can lead to even more serious failures . Which is not only expensive fun, but in this case we can easily stay without the climate in the summer heat, or worse, in the winter cold.

Have a professional service and clean your ac instead!

If the above didn’t deter me from cleaning the climate at home either, all that was left was to wish me a lot of success. 

However, if you want your air conditioner to go through a thorough and professional service and cleaning, contact us! Our specialists have many years of experience, excellent expertise and careful work at their disposal every month of the year. Contact us so that you too can enjoy the unparalleled scent of clean air in your home!

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