AC Service And Cleaning In Sport City Dubai

Did you Need The Best AC Service And Cleaning In Sports City Dubai

Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner.

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Air conditioning cleaning, maintenance, repair and installation. Air conditioning technicians in every Areas of Dubai. At the weekend too.

Our service deals with the assembly, cleaning, maintenance and installation of home air conditioning and air conditioning equipment with 7 years of experience. Our precise air-conditioning specialists use cleaners that do not harm your health and meet the strict requirements of today!

We have no hidden costs, we work at fixed prices . The price of 1 air-conditioning unit is AED 400, which includes the cleaning and disinfection of the outdoor and indoor units. In addition, we do not charge any extra costs. In Sports City Dubai without disembarkation fee! Discount for multiple air conditioning cleaning. Details on the prices page.

Regular Service and cleaning of the Air Conditioner, protect your health! Regular AC cleaning and disinfection every year increases the service life and safe operation of your air conditioner. Maintenance and disinfection of continuously used side wall split air conditioners must be performed before the heating season.

AC Service And Cleaning In Sports City Dubai:
Professional precise service, cleaning and disinfection of indoor and outdoor air conditioners of detached houses, condominiums , public buildings , offices and other public institutions. Pre-season maintenance.
Installation and repair of air conditioners, air conditioning charging with a fast deadline.
climate service

Our air conditioners provide quality and fast service. Air conditioning appliances, equipment, cleaning, repair, installation in a short time, Warranty. We guarantee immediate assistance in sports city Dubai

Air Conditioner repair

If you have any of the following symptoms, call an air conditioning technician. climate service

  1. It makes a noisy sound when the air conditioner is turned on.
  2. You can smell it. (poshadt, dohos)
  3. The cooling temperature is unsatisfactory.
  4. Air conditioner flowing, dripping.

AC Service And Cleaning In Sports City Dubai

Our air conditioning cleaning services include the professional cleaning and maintenance of split sidewall, ceiling and inverter air conditioners. With a fast deadline if possible within 2 hours . Disinfection of air conditioners outdoors and indoors even today. At a fixed price, with free disembarkation. On weekends, Saturdays at no extra charge.

A piece of split air conditioning cleaning is 400 AED, if you have more indoor units we give a discount.

The air conditioner must be service and cleaning at least twice a year. An unclean climate can pose a number of dangers, dust deposits can cause silicosis, dust allergies, and the growth of fungi and bacteria can cause infectious diseases and more serious respiratory illnesses. (Allergy, asthma, legionellosis, May cause typical pneumonia.)
Have you ever noticed that when you turn on the air conditioner, you smell a bad smell from somewhere? In this case, your device is likely to be full of various cultures of fungi and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

AC Service And Cleaning in Sports City Dubai, Picture shows the bateria and funji
The pictures show the fungi and bacteria that form in the AC

Our air conditioning service Our professional air conditioning technicians clean and service the air conditioner of unpleasant odors caused by fungal and bacterial colonies. After switching on the device, the penetrating smell can be felt, which disappears completely after cleaning and disinfection. In the case of cooling and heating Air Conditioner, it is advisable to clean and maintain your air conditioning before the heating season.

AC Service And Cleaning In Sports City Dubai process:

  1. Chemical cleaning and disinfection of indoor unit
  2. Cover cleaning, filter washing
  3. Check for condensate leakage
  4. Drip tray disinfection
  5. Mold and fungicide disinfection of breathable ribs
  6. Dry cleaning of outdoor units
  7. Cover cleaning
  8. Check wiring
  9. Temperature control, measurement

From the point of view of cleaning and maintenance costs, it is important how many indoor and outdoor units are in question, it is worth consulting in advance with our air-conditioning specialists.

Brand independent air conditioning cleaning quickly, even immediately.

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