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Why service and clean the air conditioner in springs Dubai?

Air conditioners can be excellent breeding grounds for (mold) bacteria and viruses. Dust is deposited on the heat sinks and then becomes wet as the air conditioners condense water from the air. Wet powder is a very good medium for the growth of molds and bacteria. Regular cleaning of air conditioners can improve your family’s health, keep your family away from disease, allergies, and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

AC Service And Cleaning In Springs Dubai

Regular air conditioning cleaning and service is very important for air conditioners. Climate cleaning is not only important for hygienic reasons, but also affects the life of your appliances and even how much it will cost you to operate. During the warranty period, most manufacturers will provide air conditioning cleaning and service.

A large amount of air passes through the air conditioners during operation. The air in the room is approx. It turns in the climate every 10-15 minutes, carrying dust, pollen, pollen, mold and much more.

From the outside, everything looks fine
Each climate has a filter that traps some of the dust. However, the filter is clogged with dirt – if not cleaned. As less and less air passes through the filter, it degrades the efficiency of the air conditioner and costs you more to refrigerate.

An even bigger problem is that some of the dust passes through the filter and is deposited in the air conditioner. The deposited dust is an excellent thermal insulator! This further degrades the efficiency of the climate.

Pathogens in the air conditioner

In addition to the deterioration in efficiency, it can be a serious problem that more bacteria can grow in the wet dusty medium in the air conditioner. A bacterium called Legionella, which is responsible for the so-called legionnaires’ disease, multiplies in the cooling water of the air conditioner if it is not cleaned. This bacterium can cause atypical pneumonia with serious consequences.
A milder version of the disease caused by the bacterium Legionella has flu-like symptoms. You may have already had such an infection, and it has not been shown to be caused by a virus but by a bacterium grown in a soiled air conditioner.

Electromicroscope image of the Legionella bacterium

In addition to bacteria, fungi can also multiply. Therefore, care must be taken when cleaning the air conditioner. It is not enough to wash the filter, it is important to disinfect the entire system. This is because the fungi like to settle in any small, wet area. Aspergillius, a very common fungal species, is a particular threat. By inhaling spores, it can enter the body and nest in the lungs, nasal and facial cavities and cause disease.

Professional ac service and cleaning in Springs Dubai
During ac service and cleaning in springs Dubai, the indoor unit is disassembled to perform mechanical cleaning. The filters of the indoor unit are also cleaned. An important workflow is the mechanical removal of dirt deposited on the evaporator surface and the application of chemical treatment with fungicides. An ethanol-based, high-performance ac disinfectant is used for this purpose.

Before And After AC Service And Cleaning In Springs Dubai:

AC Service And Cleaning In Springs Dubai

Obviously, you have already noticed that you have a bad smell when you turn on your air conditioner. In this case, your appliance may be full of various fungal and bacterial cultures that cause unpleasant odors, or the condensate drain will be clogged.

Air conditioning cleaning may be required not only for cooling but also for heating mode. If your climate hasn’t been cleaned in a year, give us a call now! 

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