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How to service and cleaning an air conditioner?

Air conditioners are super useful devices, especially in hot weather, their electricity consumption is quite high and paying for their maintenance is somewhat expensive, so it is important to learn to take care of themselves, a very important thing since the service, cleaning & maintenance of an air conditioner is optimized its operation and saves energy.

If you want to know how this service and cleaning (In The Villa Dubai) is done, you have come to the right place, in this article we will teach you everything so that you can learn how to do it, as well as important information about the work that will help you discover mistakes if they exist, so stay with us and let’s get started.

How To AC Service And Cleaning In The Villa Dubai?

The service and cleaning of an air conditioner can be performed by the user, in particular the cleaning of the filters, the drain and the external and internal units, however, remember that if you suspect an error you should contact an expert, otherwise you can follow all the steps in this section to perform air maintenance.

Step 1.- Service and clean the air conditioning filters

The service and cleaning of the filters, this is very important, because they prevent the entry of dust, pollen and any part that can enter the indoor unit, causing failures and for this you need to:

  • Open the Split cover, you can find the air filters behind the grille and you will need to remove them
  • To clean them you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt or wash them with cold water and dry them in the shade
  • After they are clean, put them back in place, keeping in mind that you will need to change them if necessary

Step 2.- Service and clean the air conditioning drain

Service and cleaning the drain, because the moisture generated by the cold air is expelled by it, The cleaning will prevent the accumulation of bacteria, bad odors and even if something obstructs the passage, it is important to keep it out remove the drain during cleaning.

Step 3.- Service and cleaning the Indoor unit

Service and cleaning the indoor unit, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and dirt. You can do it with non-abrasive cleaning products that contribute to disinfection.

Step 4.- Service and clean the outdoor unit

Service and cleaning the outdoor unit, being outdoors carries the risk of further damage, For this reason, regularly clean the dust from the drawer, such as the one that collects on the grill, it is also important that you verify the strength of their support .


Step 5.- Overview of any refrigerant leak

You can do this yourself if you pay attention to some signs that may indicate a leak, however, it is best that this review can be done by a certified technician in the field. 

How to service and cleaning the air conditioner in The Villa Dubai without disassembly it?

This type of service and cleaning is recommended as the air conditioner is only full of dust, otherwise it will need to be disassembled for a deep cleaning.

Step 1.- Use a soft brush

For this you will need a brush that comes in the van blades and that it is of soft brush s, since these are delicate and can be damaged.

Step 2.- Switch off the air conditioning

turn on the air conditioning and set it to the highest speed.

Step 3.- Insert the brush between the air conditioning propellers

when I start to run , insert the brush or brush and move it from side to side between the propellers, you do not have to put it in completely since just brushing is enough to start dusting .


Step 4.- Verify that the powder comes out and do it again

The dust will start to come out of the sheet, repeat this procedure along with the air conditioning until all the dust has been cleaned and the air comes out more fluid .

Step 5.- Clean the case with a mixture of bleach

Thus, the air conditioning will be ready; you can complete by cleaning the housing on the outside with a mixture of water and some bleach .

How can you service and clean the air conditioning condenser?

The condenser of an air conditioner refers to the outdoor unit, it is known by other names such as compressor, pump, among others.

Step 1.- Cut off the electric current of the air conditioner

This is not only achieved by turning off the air conditioning, but you also need to lower the breaker or disconnect the fuse in any case, as a 220V electric shock can be fatal.

Step 2.- Uncover the condenser

To do this, remove the covers and the safety grilles, you will notice that the fan is full of dust and other elements that could sneak in.

Step 3.- Clean using the vacuum cleaner

Dry cleaning is recommended for all electrical components in danger of moisture.


Step 4.- Check the fan motor

If it has lube points, apply 5 drops of special engine oil, non-penetrating oil, or all-purpose oil on it.

Step 5.- The compressor is sealed, clean it with a damp cloth

Also check for oil leaks, you can see this when you notice drops of contaminated oil.

Step 6.- Finish cleaning the fan parts

The fan blade, grills and cover with a damp cloth. When everything is dry, re-insert the condenser and it will be ready.

How long does an air conditioning charge last?

In fact, it should never end, many people think that the refrigerant gas of their air conditioner wears out over time and this is completely false, If there is a gas shortage, it is most likely that there is a malfunction that causes the charge from an air conditioner comes off.

It is important that you know the importance of the charge for refrigerant gas for air conditioning, which allows hot air to transform into cold air, literally it is the fuel of the air conditioning, as it would start to present problems because it does not work optimally.

This charge undergoes transformations, but it never ends, the gas goes from a liquid to a gaseous state and then returns to this cycle In fact, the most common liquids used for charging air conditioners are R-22 and R410- A. Therefore, if you find that your air conditioner is running without charge, seek the help of an expert immediately to detect the fault.

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How to do preventive service and cleaning of an air conditioner in the villa Dubai?

Air conditioners are a great investment for this reason you need to take care of their maintenance and care, It is advisable that in case of the heat exchanger and the exit of the panels you clean them once a year, in the case of the filters it is important at least twice a month.

As for the rest of the equipment, we’ll tell you in this section how to clean each part and what technical assistance is required.

Step 1.- Always seek an expert review for the outdoor unit

for outdoor unit it is recommended that it be checked by an expert, however, you can pay attention to certain symptoms that may or may not suggest an error, this includes :

# 1: Test for refrigerant gas leaks (symptoms in the previous section)

# 2: Check the condition of the brackets holding the drive

# 3: Check if there are any obstructions to the air passage, if so

# 4: Clean the dust from the grill, whether with a vacuum, brush or brush

Step 2.- Cleaning the indoor unit freer

The indoor unit if you can clean it more freely and includes within its preventive maintenance:


# 1: Remove the filters, wash them with neutral soap and water, change them as needed for new ones

# 2: Clean the interior space under the filters with a few drops of bleach and water, this water will fall into the condensate pan

# 3: Clean the bowl and tube with bactericides (bleach) to kill any crop that may have grown

# 4: Set the air conditioning to off mode

# 5: Check the operation of the control thermostats

How to service and clean the exchanger of an air conditioner?

Service and cleaning the exchanger of your air conditioner is quite simple and effective, only for it You need to mix 90% water and 10% bleach in a spray bottle, then spray the whole exchanger with this mixture and clean with a cloth.

For this you can also vacuum to remove most of the dirt and then finish with the liquid mixture. Do not worry about the water passing through, because just below this is the condenser tank, so you can then drain the water.

Cleaning the exchangers is very important to maintain the hygiene of your air conditioner  since when placed in ventilation mode no bad odors will come out, it will retain freshness, save energy and it will also be a bacteria-free area.

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