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In the daily operation of air conditioners, some failures will inevitably occur, especially the refrigeration system, which is more prone to problems. The fault phenomena of air conditioners are not the same, and they are varied, but it can also be said that they are similar, and there are rules to follow. Today, I have summarized several common air conditioner failures and corresponding maintenance methods for everyone, hoping to help everyone.

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AC Dubai Maintenance Charge Standard: From 150 AED, the specific price is subject to the master’s door-to-door inspection and evaluation. If it is not repaired, there is no charge for air conditioning maintenance. Welcome to inquire

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Fault 1
    Phenomenon: The air-conditioning system does not work and the compressor of the air-conditioning does not pull in.

  Cause: Part or all of the refrigerant leaks.

 Repair: Find the fault point causing the refrigerant leak and replace the damaged part, then re-evacuated it and add the right amount of refrigerant. The parts that are prone to refrigerant leakage are: pipelines and their sealing rings, condenser pipes, expansion valves, pressure switches, etc.

Fault 2
     Phenomenon: The air conditioner cannot be cooled, the compressor can be sucked in, but the low pressure is very low and the surface temperature of the discharge pipe is extremely high.

  Cause: The temperature sensing head on the expansion valve is damaged, resulting in refrigerant leakage and unable to cool.

 Maintenance: Replace the broken temperature sensing head, vacuum the system, maintain pressure, and then add refrigerant in an appropriate amount according to the dosage specified by the air conditioner.

Fault 3
 Phenomenon: The air-conditioning system does not work and the compressor of the air-conditioning does not pull in, but the pressure in the air-conditioning system is balanced.

  Cause: There are problems with the fuses, relays, thermistor wiring, and condensing fan wiring of the air-conditioning system.

 Maintenance: Dismantle the above components one by one, and replace the damaged components.

Fault 4

 Phenomenon : The cooling effect is not good, the air volume is small, and the chassis is noisy.

  Cause: There are foreign objects in the duct of the air conditioner, or the dust accumulation causes the filter to be blocked.

 Maintenance: Periodically remove and clean filters, clean pipes, and reinstall.

Fault 5
  Phenomenon: The cooling effect of the air conditioner is not good, the chassis is running normally but the pressure of high and low pressure is too high.

  Cause: Too much refrigerant is added, or too much lubricating oil is added to the compressor.

 Maintenance: If the refrigerant is added too much, discharge and recycle the excess refrigerant; if the lubricating oil is added too much, wipe off the excess lubricating oil to an appropriate dose. Then, the steps of evacuation, pressure maintenance, and refrigerant addition are also performed.

Fault 6
 Phenomenon: As the use time becomes longer, the cooling effect of the air conditioner becomes worse, and the high and low pressure pressures are low.

  Cause: Street loosening of various parts during use.

 Repair: Retighten loose joints. Analysis and elimination of common faults of air conditioners: The compressor cannot run

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