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AC Maintenance Service In Mirdif Dubai

AC Maintenance Service in Mirdif Dubai is important not only to conserve your appliance, but also to keep your health up to date, avoiding allergic, respiratory or skin reactions, as well as avoiding spending a lot of money on a clogged air conditioner, which wastes energy, but it doesn’t work as expected.

With that in mind, we’ll help you maintain your air conditioner, so you don’t run the risk of future problems. Look that:

Types of air conditioning maintenance:

There are three main types of air conditioning maintenance, see which is the most suitable for your appliance:

Corrective maintenance:

Corrective maintenance of the air conditioning is indicated when the equipment presents noticeable failures or wear. The big problem with this type of maintenance is that it shortens the device’s life cycle, and may return to its initial failures.

That’s why the ideal is always to invest in preventive and predictive maintenance of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is intended to correct defects before they manifest themselves or cause further damage. The great advantage of this maintenance is the fact that it can be scheduled, thus preventing you from being caught by surprise.

Predictive maintenance:

Here, components are exchanged or checked before they become defective. This is done based on studies that determine the MTBF, an English term that is an abbreviation of Maximum Time Between Failures, for example, there is information about the useful life of the air conditioning filter, carrying out predictive maintenance means respecting the advertised period and changing the filter on the date indicated.

How to perform preventive maintenance on air conditioning?

There are different types of devices on the market. Among them, the most common are window and split air conditioning, a more modern model, but the care with both is very similar, look:

Care with energy consumption:

  • Keep the windows, curtains and blinds closed at all times, this prevents the engine from being forced to work harder, as the entry of the sun or air masses with high temperature increase the temperature of the environment.
  • In winter, avoid raising the temperature of the device too much.
  • Never switch from COOL to HEAT immediately or vice versa.
  • Always turn off the device, wait three minutes, then turn it on again and then switch.
  • Avoid constant opening of doors and windows when the air conditioner is on.

Air conditioning care:

  • Never use the product without the air filter.
  • Always use an adequate power source as recommended on the product label.
  • Never use adapters, extension cords to connect your product to the mains, in addition to causing damage to the device, it may cause a fire.
  • Do not obstruct the air outlet.
  • Frequently check the state of the connections, flanges and other fixtures of the equipment; it helps to identify any faults before more glaring signs start to appear.
  • Check the appliance’s drain hose for blockages that could cause such unwanted leaks.
  • Also check the state of the metal parts, making sure they are all insulated correctly.

Cleaning care

One of the most important points in preventive maintenance is air conditioning cleaning. Performing this task increases the life of the device, saves energy and also avoids risks to your health as it maintains the level of air quality.

  1. Remove the front cover and clean the outside and inside of the panel with a soft, dry cloth. If it is very dirty, you can clean it with a cloth lightly dampened in warm water.
  2. Remove the filter and use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust. If it’s still dirty, wash it with warm water and neutral detergent, after cleaning; leave the filter to dry in the shade.
  3. Replace the filters and wait 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Close the front cover, then turn the device on at a low temperature and see if everything is normal. If you notice any difference, call a specialized technician of AC maintenance.

Preventive maintenance schedule for air conditioning:

Based on all that has been said, we’ve put together a short maintenance schedule so you can get organized and take care of your air conditioner properly. Just take a look:

Weekly maintenance

  • Cleaning the dust filter.

Monthly maintenance

  • Cleaning the drain hose;
  • Cleaning the drain pan;
  • Checking the fit of the fins.

Semi-annual maintenance

  • Coil cleaning;
  • Adjustment of the electrical cable contacts on the terminal;
  • Cleaning the drainage system (if any);
  • Review of electrical cable contacts in the compressor;
  • Review of the temperature sensor (if any);
  • Adjustment of cabinet screws;
  • Capacitor verification;
  • Checking the shims;
  • Propeller and engine adjustment;
  • Checking the need for fluid replacement.

Annual maintenance

  • Replacement of remote control batteries;
  • Checking the insulation of the existing piping between the units;
  • Checking the locking of the pipe;
  • Checking the need for filter replacement.

Did you see something strange?

If your air conditioner has been experiencing any of these problems:

  • Broken circuit breaker or blown fuse.
  • Ingress of water or foreign objects into the product.
  • Abnormal noises during operation.

The consultation of AC maintenance will help you with a visit from an AC maintenance technician directly to your home.

But if your device is in the corrective maintenance phase and is not working as expected with some failures, check out our website about AC maintenance service, where we tell you what it can be and how to solve some of the most common problems. On the other hand you can call AC Maintenance Company and a technician of the company will solve your all the problems relating to the air condition in a very short time. Our AC maintenance company provides home services on just a call in just a very short time.


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