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Even if you have no experience in the world of air conditioning. We will explain how to carry out air conditioning maintenance in Al Warqa Dubai.

The maintenance of the air conditioning system is not something that has to be taken lightly, since it is not just any appliance.

The air conditioner needs very specific care. If this maintenance is not taken into account, we will be considerably reducing the useful life of the device.

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Is air conditioning maintenance in al warqa mandatory?

Being an installation that deals mainly with air conditioning our home, it is important to have our air conditioning system ready for action. In this way, we will always be prepared, whether for the hot or cold season.

We can do the maintenance ourselves, however, there are cases in which we will need a professional team. Since in new homes it is absolutely mandatory to maintain an air conditioning system.

According to article 15 of the Regulation of Thermal Installations of Buildings (RITE) , the owner or delegate of the building, will have to give the professional team in charge of maintenance, the use and maintenance manual of the machine in question.

The professional team will supervise the installation, since they will be in charge of doing the tasks specified in the manual, be it verifying the performance, checking the refrigerant, etc.

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Indoor unit maintenance | al warqa Dubai

This maintenance is simple and can be done by anyone without professional experience, since we are talking about cleaning the air conditioning filters.

Maintenance of air conditioning filters

By cleaning the air conditioning filters we will avoid bad odours, we will also increase the quality of the air.

To carry out this cleaning, we recommend using specialized air conditioning care products , and in this way, aromatize and properly disinfect the device. So our air conditioning will last longer clean.

In the user manual of the device, we will always have a section that refers to the care and cleaning of it. The document will explain the steps to follow to clean the filters, together with the frequency of maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

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Outdoor unit maintenance | al warqa Dubai

The outdoor or condensing unit contains the most important technical components of the system. In this way, a good technical review, together with its corresponding maintenance, will guarantee 100% of its efficiency.

Outdoor units are in most cases exposed to external agents. Having said that, it is always necessary to clean the surface regularly , avoiding the accumulation of dirt or potential large obstructions, which can make it difficult for air to pass through the ventilation grille.

In the case of being installed on some supports, it is advisable to check the silentblocks annually , to avoid unnecessary noise, or even to avoid the device tipping over.
If you don’t know what a silentblock is or how to change it.

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Check refrigerant gas

This operation can only be carried out by a professional installer , who has the fluorinated gas handling certificate, as approved by Royal Decree 115/2017 of February 17 .

Checking the gas is very important, to prevent or find refrigerant gas leak. A problem in the refrigerant circuit, either due to a leak or inadequate pressure, will cause our machine to not work properly, losing thermal capacity.

Checking the gas at the hands of a professional is quick and easy, so it is not very expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to call a professional to check the air conditioning, especially the refrigerant gas.

We remind you to always call qualified installers, who meet all the certifications required for the installation, handling, and above all, maintenance of air conditioning equipment.


Maintenance is not only important and necessary, but in many cases it is mandatory. These reviews will give you a minimum reliability so as not to lose thermal efficiency in the home, and apart from that, you will prevent possible breakdowns. So we recommend that you do not do without regular maintenance, because indirectly, you will save time and money .

You have to keep in mind that in the case of buying an air conditioner, you need to choose brands that will give you less work in terms of maintenance, that is, reliable, reputable and quality brands.
At AC Maintenance Al Warqa Dubai, we have the best brands, which will give you maximum air conditioning efficiency without neglecting reliability.

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