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Maintenance can include different tasks depending on the type of service contracted, among other things.

Many technicians and companies offer air conditioningmaintenance contracts for an annual fee. These contracts usually include a periodic revision of the device, although revisions can also be contracted independently.

Be that as it may, below we show you the services that an air conditioning review usually includes.

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Air conditioning maintenance and cleaning in warsan Dubai

This type of service is essential when maintaining air conditioning equipment, but the way to carry it out and the price may vary depending on the type of device.

In the case of split or multi-split air conditioning, both the outdoor unit and the indoor unit of the air conditioner must be cleaned.

Air conditioning cleaning services may include other parts of the device , such as the battery, the drain pan, the turbine, the exchangers…

On the other hand, in the case of ducted air conditioning , it is also important to clean and sanitize the ducts to prevent dirt, germs or bacteria from accumulating. And, of course, you have to clean the cracks through which the air comes out.

Filter cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning filters is another task that any maintenance service usually includes.

It is important to keep the filters clean for several reasons. To begin with, over time it is common for them to accumulate dust, dirt and bacteria, which can cause bad odors and negatively affect health. But in addition, some clogged filters can hinder the operation of the air conditioning and even influence other breakdowns.

In general, cleaning the filters of the air conditioner is very simple and the maintenance price of the device is usually cheaper than the price of air conditioning repair.

A/C Drain Check

Another part of an air conditioner that is usually checked is the drain, so that nothing hinders the proper functioning of the device.

This area can also be cleaned using the appropriate method, but it is recommended that it be done by an expert.

Review of the refrigeration circuit

It is usual to check the air conditioning circuit to check that there are no refrigerant gas leaks . If any is located, it is used to seal it.

Repairing a refrigerant gas leak can add to your air conditioning maintenance budget. And the cost of introducing the refrigerant gas should also be taken into account.

The price of recharging the gas of an air conditioner usually costs between AED 150 to AED 200.

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Tips on air conditioning maintenance

The main advice that experts usually offer is to carry out a periodic inspection and cleaning of the air conditioner. It is essential to guarantee the efficiency of the device and to be able to prevent breakdowns and other problems.

On the other hand, and although the spare parts can increase the price of maintenance, it is also usually recommended to replace the air conditioning filters from time to time.

And, of course, for any maintenance task, the most advisable thing is to have the services of technicians and air conditioning maintenance companies, specialized in this type of issue.

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How often should air conditioning maintenance  be done?

Most air conditioning maintenance contracts offer reviews at least once a year for appliances installed in homes. When the system is installed in offices or commercial premises, the periods between revisions could be shorter.

On the other hand, it is advisable to review the current regulations. According to what is indicated by the RITE (Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings) in its Technical Instruction IT 3, on maintenance and use, the frequency of preventive maintenance of the air conditioning may vary depending on the nominal power of the device.

It is best to have experts in air conditioning maintenance who can advise you on the frequency of revisions for the system that you have installed in your home or business.

Advantages of regular air conditioning maintenance In warsan Dubai

When the air conditioning is not properly maintained, different problems can arise: bad odours, poorer efficiency, compressor failures, water leaks, etc.
On the other hand, having a professional workforce to carry out regular checks on the device can have many advantages :

  • The air conditioner’s useful life is increased.
  • The device is made to work correctly.
  • Many breakdowns can be avoided.
  • The air has a better quality and circulates better.

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