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Air conditioning is an important air conditioning resource. Home, factories, villa, offices and companies use this equipment to provide a comfortable working and living place for himself or employees.

The use of air conditioning has become popular in the corporate environment, as a way of ensuring the well-being of professionals and even increasing productivity.

There are several models of equipment, for different purposes and types of spaces. With the advancement of technology, air conditioners have become more modern, with state-of-the-art resources. It is possible to automate the temperature, operating time, among other functions. Despite offering several advantages for maintaining the office environment, it is essential to clean the air conditioning correctly.

The use of these equipment causes the proliferation of numerous viruses, bacteria and fungi, which can cause diseases, especially respiratory ones.

This service and cleaning procedure must be carried out periodically to ensure the quality of the circulating air.

To service and clean the air conditioning in home, factory or offices, it is necessary to use its own products through proper hygiene techniques.

For complete service and cleaning, hiring specialized professionals will provide good long-term results, which will increase the useful life of the appliances.

Therefore, the air conditioning used in offices, home or villa  requires specific hygiene and disinfection procedures.

It is essential to service and clean the air conditioning in home, shop, villa, offices and companies, as a means of protecting the health of employees and customers. Management should prioritize carrying out this process, including in the administrative planning of the business.

It is important to avoid the use of chemicals that can be toxic and harmful to health.

In this article, we will see how to service and clean the air conditioning in home or shop or offices to ensure the quality of the air and the proper functioning of the equipment.

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The importance of service and cleaning the air conditioning

Service and cleaning the air conditioning in Al Buteen Dubai provides better quality air. It also offers a more comfortable environment.

The hygienization procedure must take place in accordance with the provisions of health surveillance.

When purchasing products to clean equipment, it is essential to check for the DHA seal. In this way, the company will be guaranteeing the use of reliable products, which do not offer health risks.

ac service and cleaning in al buteen Dubai, among other hygiene measures, is a preventive practice, which neutralizes the risk of contamination by harmful microorganisms. Especially in the face of the current pandemic, caused by Covid-19, cleaning the air conditioning has gained more notoriety.

It is essential to perform basic service and cleaning procedures frequently. Among the measures is the replacement of the filter.

For offices/shop/home, professional maintenance of air conditioning equipment is essential. Hiring a specialized company guarantees the quality of the service, thus offering total security for the use of the device.

In addition to protecting the health of people in the air-conditioned environment, cleaning the air conditioning makes the equipment last longer. Cleaning and sanitizing provide longer life for appliances.

The lack of maintenance may result in excessive consumption of electricity, that is, an increase in monthly expenses for the company.

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How does the air conditioning service and cleaning process take place?

To service and clean the air conditioner completely, it is necessary to follow a few steps. In addition, it is essential to prepare the cleaning plan that will contain all the steps and the frequency.

Removal of parts

It is necessary, initially, to remove all the pieces so that they are properly sanitized.

Attention! Before carrying out the disassembly, it is recommended to turn off the power box to avoid any accident with electrical load.

External cleaning

After dismantling, it will be time to perform the external cleaning of the equipment.

The outside of the air conditioner will be properly sanitized with disinfectant products.

For offices that use automated equipment, it is also essential to sanitize remote controls, which are shared.

Hygienization of parts

Once the external service and cleaning of the air conditioner has been carried out, it will be necessary to service and clean all the parts.

This step comprises the cleaning and disinfection of fans, condensers, ducts, trays, compressors, filters and selector switches.

Parts can be washed with mild soap and water. If you prefer, you can use specific products for hygiene.

If you choose to use industrialized cleaning products, it is essential to verify the DHA seal.

This care will protect both the people who use the air conditioner and the professionals who will carry out the cleaning procedure.

The ideal for proper disassembly and cleaning is to follow the instructions in the device’s Instruction Manual. Each model has its own characteristics requiring different ways to perform the action.

Changing filters and condensed water

The process of service and cleaning the air conditioner in al buteen Dubai also consists of changing the filters and the condensed water in the tray. In filters and condensed water, there is a proliferation of various types of viruses and bacteria, which cause diseases.

If there is no periodic exchange, these microorganisms deposited inside the air conditioner will be released back into the air, contaminating whoever is in the environment.

Covid-19 is a real danger. The virus can be easily transmitted if the air conditioner is not properly sanitized.

The benefits of hiring specialized professionals

Hiring specialized professionals helps companies and offices to ensure the cleanliness of air conditioning equipment.

Professional teams offer air conditioning cleaning and sanitizing services through specific methods and products. Therefore, hiring this service provides security and convenience for companies and offices.

In addition to service and cleaning, specialized companies provide complete maintenance services for air conditioning equipment.

The quality of the circulating air, the useful life and the proper functioning of the appliances will be guaranteed by means of professional techniques.

Companies and offices will be able to reduce costs by hiring an external team, which has the necessary expertise to meet the demands.

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