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AC Dubai Maintenance: quick judgment of air conditioning fault 5V and other voltages are normal. Most of the problems can be solved by replacing the crystal oscillator [just next to the CPU].
1: There is also a buzzing sound when plugged in, the remote control does not turn on [manually] is basically the receiver head is broken [if you change the receiver head, you won’t need to search on the Internet to know that it is easy to find the ground of the receiving board, the negative pole of the capacitor or The wide line of the circuit board is easy to find the other two feet.]
2. The air conditioner automatically switches on and off from time to time, some call in the middle of the night, clean the receiving board, replace the receiving head or remove the automatic transfer switch. kill.
3. The outdoor unit will automatically shut down after starting for a few minutes or tens of minutes, or the outdoor unit will not start and replace the indoor tube temperature sensor.
4. Various fault codes are displayed when the machine is turned on. Hehe, you must not remember all the air conditioner codes. I never remember fault codes. I will teach you a trick. 2. Measure the sensor. 3. Measure the power supply voltage. 4. Reversing [380V power], check whether the phase is dropped.
Observe whether the current and whether the indoor and outdoor units are too dirty. I believe that general problems can be solved.
5. If the outdoor unit does not start or only the fan rotates outside, for beginners, the capacitor is generally bad, and other problems will be analyzed in detail.
6. Turn on the compressor for a period of time for thermal protection, I believe this is all maintenance air conditioners. The most headache problem, this kind of problem can not be solved by conventional methods, confirm that the system and the voltage and heat dissipation are normal, it is best to replace the compressor, don’t waste time, time is money, don’t listen to a lot of what some magazines say Methods, I have used those methods, the success rate is very low, it is not necessary, some people change the capillary tube, do not do it, professional ethics, and affect the effect of air conditioning.
7. There is a difference between the fault code displayed as soon as the power is plugged in and the fault code displayed after running. The plug-in display is generally a power supply or signal line, or a motherboard problem. Running for a period of time shows that it is generally a sensor problem.

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How to service and clean the air conditioner and what are the precautions for the maintenance of the air conditioner

How to AC Service And Cleaning In Garden View Dubai 

1. Filter cleaning

Open the window and ventilate, first wipe the air conditioner casing with a rag, then open the casing, remove the filter, use the water pipe to rinse it with tap water, do not use detergent or something, just rinse it directly, if the water flow is not enough When you are in a hurry to wash off the dirt, you can adjust the shower head in the bathroom to the fastest water flow level, and then rinse it, usually it can be rinsed clean; after rinsing, put it in a cool place to air dry, do not expose it to the sun, the filter is generally It’s plastic and can’t stand high temperatures.

Finally, after the filter is dry, put it back into the air conditioner and close the air conditioner housing. When service and cleaning, be sure not to use a brush or the like, which will make the filter eyes of the filter large, which will damage the filter and affect the use effect of the air conditioner.

2. Surface of heat exchanger

Refers to the dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of the fins of all heat exchangers related to the heat exchange efficiency of the evaporator and condenser of the coil fin air conditioning equipment in this standard.

3. Air supply mechanism

Refers to the coil fin type air conditioning equipment in this standard, in addition to the two heat exchangers of the evaporator and the condenser, the air inlet components, filter components, air supply components, air ducts and hoses, air outlet components, Dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of all related air supply mechanisms that affect the air conditioning quality of the equipment, such as the condensate tray and the body shell (except for the installation of extended air ducts).

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What are the precautions for the maintenance of air conditioners

1. Remove the debris from the ventilation openings to ensure normal ventilation. Observe whether the outdoor rack is loose, and clean the outdoor ventilation grill for foreign objects. Also, keep the vents unobstructed.

2. Surface cleaning of indoor and outdoor heat exchangers to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers. When cleaning the indoor heat exchanger, carefully remove the panel, wipe it with a soft cloth, and use a small brush to gently clean the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, so as to achieve the purpose of removing dust and harmful accumulations that can breed germs. But note that since the heat sink is a very thin aluminum material, it is easy to deform after being stressed, so be careful to brush it.

3. Service and clean the dust on: When cleaning the filter, first cut off the power supply, and then open the air inlet grille; take out the filter, clean the filter with water or a vacuum cleaner, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, clean with a hot damp cloth or neutral detergent, and then wipe it with a dry cloth Clean, and do not use insecticides or other chemical detergents to clean the filter.

4. Service and clean the dirt and build-up in the drainage part. The drainage part is easy to deposit dirt, and must be thoroughly disinfected regularly to ensure smooth drainage and prevent bacterial reproduction.

5. Check other. Including power supply lines, plug boards, switches; check the condition of consumable parts, such as air deflector, sterilization and dehumidification, photocatalyst and other components, to ensure that the air conditioner is in good condition and no abnormality.

The above is the relevant knowledge about how to service and clean the air conditioner and the maintenance of the air conditioner introduced by the editor. I believe that everyone will have an air conditioner at home. While using it, don’t forget to clean and maintain. I hope the editor will summarize This information can help you.

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