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Why is it necessary to service the ac in Jumeirah Park Dubai?

During operation during the cooling season, the air conditioner absorbs a significant amount of airborne contaminants. The indoor unit of the split air conditioner has various filters and ionizers, the task of which is to filter out dirt, pollen, house dust and mites in order to continuously condition and improve the air quality as an air purifier, thus increasing the comfort of our apartment in the summer heat.

If we take a closer look at the indoor unit of our air conditioner, we can see that a simple, relatively fine dust filter covers the entire surface of the heat exchanger. On this filter, the larger-grained dust and lint gets stuck, but the finer dirt gets through it and some of it leaves the apartment with the drip water. And the rest creates biofilm on the heat exchanger and in the drip tray of the climate.

On the moisture that precipitates on the heat exchanger, this small amount of organic matter can stick, and if left untreated and treated, it can be a hotbed for various fungi, molds and bacteria. Legionella was named after a severe pneumonia caused by a polluted air conditioner when they were massively ill in a hotel from air mediated by an unmaintained climate.

Bacterial, fungal and mold colonies form in the humid, dark environment on the internal surface, fan and drip tray of the neglected, unprofessionally and regularly cleaned split air conditioner units, which release the air into the room during start-up and operation, and then from there into our eyes, nose, and lungs, they increase the risk of developing respiratory diseases such as allergies, asthma, legionellosis, and so on.


The resulting mold mixes extremely allergenic powder with the air to be cooled. When you turn on the ac, you may experience the following allergic reactions: red, burning eyes, sneezing, coughing, and in more severe cases, shortness of breath. This phenomenon can also be called climate allergy, which in any case develops without maintenance over time. Refrigerated air does not cause any allergic symptoms in a properly maintained air conditioner, only the presence of microscopic spores and allergenic organic substances mixed into the air.


Proper cleaning of the split air conditioner prevents microorganisms that are most often found in ideal living conditions in the device from settling, multiplying, and being continuously circulated by the equipment together with the by-products of their metabolism in the indoor air. In addition to the most common (mold) fungal species (aspergillus, penicillum), bacteria also appear on the thin film formed on the heat sinks of the indoor units and on the drip tray. The best known strain of bacteria that can be linked specifically to air conditioners is legionella, which can cause atypical pneumonia.


Proper timing of climate maintenance is also a very important aspect, as in the first heatwave days, tens of thousands of air conditioners will be started in and around Budapest at the same time, and there will be a lot of calls from air conditioning companies . From minor faults to a dripping water pipe to the most serious ones where the equipment needs to be completely replaced, anything can happen. Typically, filling the air conditioner with gas is a hit, as a lot of older equipment leaked unnoticed during the winter and it only turns out that the unit is not cooling properly the first time it is started.


These days, it is impossible to find an air conditioner because so many repairs are rushing to companies that owners of non-installed air conditioners often have to wait days and weeks in the heat before the technician rectifies the fault or pays the significant surcharge that activates it. companies, entrepreneurs collect nicely for an exit.


Not a negligible argument in favor of early spring maintenance is that if any faults in the climate are detected, there is time to get the necessary parts and make repairs before the heatwave period arrives. With proper climate maintenance done on time, customers can avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses and inconveniences, and they can look forward to the season with a cleaned, disinfected and technically sound air conditioner.


Procedure for cleaning the split air conditioner indoor units:


  • Dusting of primary dust filters, washing with running water
  • Washing and filtering of various filter inserts as required
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the heat exchanger with a steam cleaner
  • Complete disassembly and cleaning of the very dirty device
  • Chemical treatment, disinfection; prevention of the formation of bacterial, mold and fungal colonies

Checking the outdoor unit:


  • Compressed air cleaning
  • Check connectors
  • Gas pressure measurement
  • Washing the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit with 3 bar industrial cleaner
AC Service And Cleaning In Jumeirah Park Dubai

Why is it important to ac service and clean in Jumeirah Park?

Cleaning your split air conditioner unit is just one of the health tasks. It is more difficult for air to pass through the dusted heat exchanger, which reduces the cooling efficiency. Dirt on the fan causes unbalance and inadequate air delivery, which is also reflected in weakened cooling.

The process of ac service and cleaning in jumeirah park Dubai should include, in addition to health considerations, a review of proper operation. It is the responsibility of the specialist performing the maintenance process to check the electrical connections, check the condensate drainage and eliminate any resonances.

The other component of a split ac is the outdoor unit, which in most cases is located outdoors, exposed to the elements: sunshine, rain, wind, dust. Because a large amount of air flows through the heat exchanger during operation and there is no filter to prevent dust from being sucked in, lint, dust and other contaminants build up between the densely spaced lamellas and impede the free flow of air. As a result, the condenser of the outdoor unit is harder to dissipate heat, the compressor will strain, the efficiency will be lower, it will consume more electricity, and the appliance will wear out faster. It is very important to clean the heat exchanger, even by disassembling the air conditioner.

All of the above are important circumstances! The lack of regular inspection leads to premature wear and tear of the air conditioner.

In summary, if you want a split air conditioner to operate permanently and without endangering our health and providing pleasant comfort, have the maintenance process carried out by a specialist at the intervals recommended by the distributor or installer of the appliance, bearing in mind the above.

Of the air handling systems, stagnant water is a risk and the aerosol formed from the water may enter the space of use with the treated air. Properly installed and operated split air conditioners pose a negligible risk.

By regularly inspecting these systems and performing the necessary service & maintenance activities, the growth of Legionella bacteria can be prevented. The operation plan for air handling systems shall include the dates of scheduled inspections and maintenance, the name of the person responsible, and the results of the inspections. The condition of the various components must be checked as planned (but at least every six months).

ac service and cleaning in Jumeirah Park Dubai should include the following steps to manage the Legionella risk:

  • Inspection of the equipment, determination of the locations of stagnant water (possible locations: heat exchangers, catchments, drains, humidifiers, air ducts, insulating materials).
  • professional removal of stagnant water without droplet formation, elimination of the conditions leading to the formation.
  • professional elimination of stagnation conditions (adjustment of angles of parts and equipment, removal of obstacles from the water).
  • checking the free flow of condensate.
  • disinfection of points at risk for bacterial growth with a disinfectant (spray) or hot air (with a heat gun).
  • If Legionella is suspected (eg when a visible biofilm is formed on the climate heat exchanger), sampling and testing is recommended.

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