Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Damac Hills Dubai

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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Damac Hills Dubai

The maintenance of an air conditioning is a mandatory step to ensure the efficiency and proper functioning of the device. Without regular maintenance, system performance may be affected. Ultimately, you run the risk of overconsumption of electricity and premature wear of your air conditioning.

It is generally estimated that 95% of air conditioners, air-air heat pumps and reversible air conditioning units are heavily clogged , which can be the source of many health problems: legionnaire’s disease, staphylococcus aureus, allergies, asthma, etc.

There is a list of very simple actions that you can take yourself to extend the life of your air conditioner and achieve great energy savings. This article aims to introduce you to the essential steps for effective air conditioning maintenance.

How to clean your air conditioner in Dubai Hills Area?

The first step in air conditioning maintenance is to clean the unit’s air filters .

A- Clean the air conditioning air filters

They indeed retain dust and pollen which are a potential nest for dust mites. By stirring the ambient air of a room, the air conditioning system accumulates a huge quantity of particles in suspension.

For information, air conditioners brew up to eight times the volume of air in a room every hour .

These few actions are to be carried out every 2 weeks during the period of use, generally in summer.

These few key steps in air conditioning maintenance allow you to check the condition of the air filters and possibly change them.

1- Open the trunk of the air conditioner Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Damac Hills Dubai Air Filter

The indoor unit of your air conditioning must be easily accessible in order to carry out this operation. As a safety measure, don’t forget to switch off or disconnect your air conditioning before performing maintenance.

Open the front of the air conditioner by swinging up its front panel. No tools are required to perform this operation.

The air filters are directly accessible as soon as the bonnet is opened.

2- Detach the air filters

The extraction of the air filters is done easily by unclipping them from their base. No specific tools are required.

Depending on the air conditioning models, the filters can be flat or curved. They are usually curved in home air conditioners to match the curve of the top of the unit.

3- Dust the air filter

Gently tap your air filters over a trash can and manually remove any dust fluff that may have clumped on the grilles.

Then remove the dust residue with a vacuum cleaner using a narrow mouthpiece, applying it firmly to the filter grilles.


4- Rinse the air filter

Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Damac Hills Dubai neutral detergent diluted with lukewarm water

Finish by rinsing the filter in a basin of neutral water. Brushing with a sponge and Marseille soap will extract the last particles of dust.

If certain clumps of dust persist, don’t hesitate to soak your air filters for a few minutes in soapy water to dissolve them more easily.

Finally, rinse your filters with clear water, let them air dry completely and then put them back in the indoor unit after cleaning the activated carbon filters sometimes positioned below the air filters.

B-Replace the activated carbon filter

Remember to replace the activated carbon filter at least once a year to avoid unpleasant odours.

The activated carbon filter should ideally be changed once or twice a year depending on the intensity of use of your air conditioning. Most air conditioners open from the front for easy access to the filter, just remove it and then replace it with an identical model.

An activated carbon filter costs between 5 and 15 euros depending on the air conditioning model.

Activated carbon is able to absorb bad odors because it is characterized by an extremely porous wall. A small surface of charcoal thus has a tenfold absorption capacity. Activated carbon, whether it is in water, air or gas, will absorb all kinds of toxic substances as well as bad smells.

Example of carbon filter for air conditioning

4- Remove the activated carbon filters

Look for the charcoal filters that are sometimes located between the air filters and the mouths of the air extraction pipes.

Gently release them by pressing on the fixing rivets.



4- Rinse the carbon filters

Lukewarm Water

Gently rinse your carbon filters in lukewarm soap-free water. You can also put them in the dishwasher.

After washing, the activated carbon filter must be dried in the oven at 100°C for 10 minutes to be reactivated.

Then put it back in the air conditioning.

C- Clean the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioning unit

Finally, clean the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner using a soft, lint-free cloth.

  1. Scrub the body of the device as well as the pipes.
  2. Clear the air outlets with a sponge soaked in water.
  3. If the filters are very dirty, you can clean them with warm soapy water.
  4. Also remember to empty and clean the condensate tray which collects the water runoff resulting from the condensation of the water vapor contained in the air when it passes through a cold exchanger.

We have created an air conditioning maintenance table and schedule to consult the various operations to be carried out at a glance.

Some additional instructions

As a general rule, do not use household cleaners as they may damage your device. Caution: above all, never use solvents to clean the filters or the external ventilation grille.

Of course, also check that no obstacle hinders the circulation of air around the outdoor unit and that leaves and branches do not hinder the outdoor mechanisms.

The most recent models are equipped with light diodes which signal the opportune time to clean the filters. The filters capable of purifying the air or deodorizing it all have a lifespan and specific maintenance generally indicated on the packaging.

Do not hesitate to add an alert for this maintenance and the replacement of the filters to your diary and this as soon as you purchase the air conditioning.

Is air conditioning maintenance mandatory?

Every year (every two years for reversible air conditioning) the tightness of the refrigerant circuit should be checked.

This verification must be carried out by a company holding a certificate of capacity . In addition to checking the presence or absence of leaks, the professional can check the entire system and ensure that it is working properly. It will also monitor for suspicious noise.

An annual technical inspection is mandatory for any air conditioner that contains more than 2 kg of refrigerant, i.e. a power equal to or greater than approximately 12 kW.

Subscribe to an air conditioning maintenance contract

In general, we strongly recommend that you take out a maintenance contract for your air conditioning with a professional: either a refrigeration specialist, a heating specialist or a certified plumber.

A maintenance contract for air conditioning is an additional security because it guarantees the rapid intervention of a technician in the event of a breakdown. which generally occurs when the device is restarted after its wintering.

This type of contract generally includes an annual preventive visit which will allow a specialist to carry out a complete check of your device and its overall technical control.

These controls make it possible to check the tightness of the system, and to avoid leaks because the fluid of an air conditioner can be harmful for people and for the environment.

Request a free quote from various professionals to compare prices and obtain the most complete service possible

Maintenance of an air conditioner: what the tenant must do

Rental repairs are the responsibility of the tenant . They extend to the items of equipment mentioned in the rental agreement and which require maintenance and repair.

These elements include:

  • extractor hoods,
  • heat pump,
  • fireplaces,
  • air conditioning (indoor and outdoor unit)

The sweeping of the evacuation and ventilation ducts is also the responsibility of the tenant.

What services does a maintenance specialist perform?

Air conditioning maintenance specialists are generally Qualified RGE certified plumbers or heating engineers . They are required to carry out many different interventions during their on-site service:

  • Installation of air conditioning systems
  • Realization of heat balance
  • Maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems
  • Upgrading of air conditioning systems
  • Maintenance contract
  • Air conditioner cleaning

The RGE label means: “Recognized Guarantor of the Environment”. Professionals with an RGE qualification meet many eligibility criteria, particularly with regard to the ecological aspect of their intervention. The energy premiums are conditional on certifications.

Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Damac Hills repairer

The AC DUBAI MAINTENANCE mission is to provide comfort and safety to its customers. It also participates in the challenges of preserving the environment. It is indeed a major player in the energy renovation of buildings.

Acquiring the basics of this profession requires training of 500 to 900 hours depending on the modules chosen. This is a level V professional title of “air conditioning fitter repairman”. Apart from the installation of air conditioning systems, its mission also consists of carrying out preventive maintenance (preventing the appearance of breakdowns) and corrective maintenance (correcting breakdowns).

Since May 7, 2017, a decree stipulates that any operator handling refrigerants must hold a certificate of capacity . This certificate of capacity is issued for a period of 5 years, renewable by many certification bodies.

The operator who has this certificate is able to carry out the maintenance and repair of equipment which requires intervention on the circuit containing refrigerants. He will also have to ensure that it is sealed, dismantled and that the refrigerants are recovered and charged.

What to do in case of leaky air conditioning?

Leaking air conditioning is usually a minor malfunction of the condensate pan drain system. Diagnosing and solving this problem is therefore easy.

In normal operation, an air conditioner draws air inside the room. The humidity of the air (variable depending on the region) is transformed into droplets under the effect of the compression induced by the suction. These small drops of water should flow to a condensation tray. This tray is slightly inclined (1 or 2%) to allow the water to flow gently through a pipe towards the house’s water drain.

If your air conditioner is leaking, it could be due to a full condensate pan due to a clogged drain pipe. It’s quite classic because the condensed water is loaded with dust and impurities which can clump together over time.

Open your air conditioning by following the instructions above. Mark the location of the condensate tray. If it is full, scoop it gently with a glass to avoid spilling it into the appliance when removing it.

If the tray is empty, it is probably incorrectly positioned, just reclip it correctly.

To clear the drain pipe, use a ferret suitable for the diameter of the drain pipe. Generally, a 5 m long ferret is enough. Push the condensates with the ferret until the general evacuation.

To check that the operation is successful , replace the empty condensate pan and reconnect the drain pipe. Pour some water into the tray, and check that the slope leads it well towards the drain pipe. Continue to pour water gradually to check if the pipe is clear.

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