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Emergency AC Maintenance Service in JVT Dubai | 0568770106

Professional maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation is a service that is in demand among food industry enterprises, catering establishments and leisure centers. This preventive measure allows you to prevent blockages, as well as the occurrence of mold and mildew in the ducts of the ventilation system, or to clear the lines of existing colonies of pathogenic microflora and dirt.
Maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation includes adjustment and cleaning of the complex components. Performing work requires specific tools, personal protective equipment and professional cleaners. A similar set will be needed for servicing air conditioning systems.

It is impossible to provide high-quality service with improvised means and without certain knowledge of the functioning of the elements of the ventilation complex. That is why it is more expedient to entrust this task to specialists. Moreover, their services are inexpensive, and the result of the work is noticeable after the first launch of the ventilation complex.

Having saved on this issue, you will have to pay an order of magnitude more for the repair or replacement of equipment. Therefore, maintenance of AC Systems in JVT Dubai is a matter that should not be neglected under any circumstances. 

Maintenance of ventilation systems in JVT Dubai- list of required operations:

  1. An objective assessment of the state of the external design, which makes it possible to assess the level of risk of mechanical damage to units and the air conditioner case. 
  2. Professional mechanical and hydraulic cleaning of the heat exchanger of the external block and the case.
  3. Multidimensional high-quality cleaning of the internal block of the heat exchanger, which also includes treatment with a disinfectant.
  4. Thorough procedure for cleaning the air intake grilles, mandatory cleaning of the air filters of the indoor unit of the device.
  5. Comprehensive check of the drainage system functioning. If necessary, complex cleaning, including antibacterial treatment.
  6. Examination of the remote control and, if necessary, reprogramming.
  7. Assessment of the working process of blinds with a mechanical drive.
  8. Professional assessment of the working condition of fan blades and electric motors.
  9. Testing the integrity (complete tightness) of the refrigerant passage system. Setting the optimal value for measuring the pressure in the process of discharge and suction in the circuit. If necessary, refueling with freon, as well as timely elimination of minor violations in the tightness system. An additional bonus is the total amount of freon up to 500 g. included in the cost estimate.
  10. Carrying out the procedure for measuring the voltage in the network, operating / starting currents of the fans and the compressor of the device.
  11. Monitoring the compressor working process and checking for extraneous noise. This gives a real opportunity to timely identify and replace the worn out mechanical part of the compressor.
  12. Comprehensive check of the indication of modes, which is accompanied by a general test of the air conditioner.
  13. Carrying out the operation of control measurements of the temperature of the air masses at the inlet / outlet of the internal block of the device.

List of necessary works for complex service maintenance of multi split systems in JVT Dubai.

List of mandatory (regular) work on outdoor units

  1. Timely assessment of the operation of a wide range of control and safety devices.
  2. Thorough cleaning of the contact pairs, as well as broaching the electrical connections in the terminal box of the compressor of the device.
  3. Thanks to the moisture indicator, the absence of moisture inside the freon housing is monitored.
  4. Check for oil leaks.
  5. Preventing the possibility of freon leakage.
  6. Checking the high efficiency of the crankcase heater.
  7. Evaluation of fan impeller balancing and free rotation direction.
  8. Thorough cleaning of the capacitor system.
  9. Estimation of the optimal values of the starting / operating current of the compressor.
  10. Comprehensive control of the electrical voltage of the power source of the device.
  11. Determination of the absence of extraneous noise during the operation of the compressor.
  12. The sight glass ensures that the optimum level is maintained when charging the refrigerant.
  13. Comprehensive measurement of the parameters of the chiller.
  14. Assessment of the operating condition and correct setting of the pressure switch – the main safety device of the unit.

List of necessary complex maintenance operations for indoor units of air conditioners

  1. Elimination, after a thorough external examination, of mechanical damage to the case, device assemblies.
  2. Professional cleaning of the internal current heat exchanger, which includes treatment with a disinfectant.
  3. High-quality cleaning of the air intake grilles, cleaning of the air filters of the internal block of the device.
  4. Evaluation of the high level of operating efficiency of the drainage system, which includes, if necessary, cleaning and comprehensive antibacterial treatment.
  5. If a pump is included in the component parts, its comprehensive planned cleaning.
  6. Evaluation of the level of performance and reprogramming, if necessary, the remote control of the air conditioner.
  7. Optimization of the operation of the mechanically driven blinds mechanism.
  8. Testing and assessment of the degree of serviceability of the working electric motor and fan blades.
  9. Checking the working condition of the air conditioner efficiency in all modes of the working process, which provides optimal indication of system modes.
  10. Measurements of the temperature of air masses made at the inlet / outlet of the internal block of the device, ensuring the control of the set values.
  11. If significant defects are found in the operation of the device (excluding the warranty cases agreed in advance), a comprehensive estimate of the repair work is drawn up, as a result of which consideration is issued an invoice.

List of works of service complex maintenance of Multi-zone systems, VRV, VRF.

  1. Careful monitoring of safety and control system devices.
  2. Highly efficient cleaning of contact pairs, accompanied by pulling electrical connections in the compressor terminal box of the device.
  3. According to the moisture indicator, the absence of moisture in the freon circuit itself is monitored.
  4. Timely warning and control procedure for oil leaks, as well as freon leaks.
  5. Evaluation of the efficiency of the crankcase heater operability.
  6. Checking the optimal balancing of the fan impellers and the correct direction of rotation.
  7. Comprehensive cleaning of capacitors.
  8. Close monitoring and measurement of both operating voltage and current as well as starting (initial) current for the entire system.
  9. Evaluation of the operation of the compressors for the presence of extraneous noise.
  10. Due to the presence of a working glass, the level of refrigerant required for the operation of the device is checked.
  11. A clear calculation of the parameters of the working process of the refrigeration machine.
  12. Ensuring the optimal level of operation of the pressure switch – the safety device of the system.

List of complex necessary procedures for servicing indoor units of air conditioners.

  1. Assessment of the external case of the device when searching for mechanical damage, including the air conditioner units.
  2. Professional cleaning and disinfecting treatment of the internal block of the heat exchanger, including the procedure for complex cleaning of the air filters of the internal block of the device and air intake grilles.
  3. Checking the efficiency of the drainage system, and, if necessary, cleaning and antibacterial treatment.
  4. If the drain pump is part of the system, ensure that the system is checked for proper operation and, if necessary, cleaned.
  5. Evaluation of the efficiency of the remote control for the entire system. Optionally – the possibility of reprogramming.
  6. Comprehensive assessment of the functioning of a mechanically driven blind system.
  7. Testing the correct operation of the fan blades and the electric motor, as well as carrying out a similar procedure for all operating modes of the device. This step is a real picture of checking the control indicators of the regime system. 
  8. At the entrance and necessarily exit of the air masses from the indoor unit of the serviced air conditioner, their control measurements are made.

The price for emergency ac maintenance service in JVT Dubai service is determined by their type, the length of the air ducts, the degree of contamination of the channels and the need for additional repair work. The specialists will be able to announce the cost of the service only after a preliminary inspection of the object and the devices installed on it.

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