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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Mira Dubai

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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Mira Dubai

The air conditioning guarantees a pleasant and climate-controlled environment all year round. But, for it to work well, efficiently and without harming the health of those who use it, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance. But when to do it? Like? Who should I call? Calm down, we the AC maintenance service will explain everything you need to know about split air conditioning maintenance.

Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Mira Dubai

Why is it important to maintain air conditioners?

The air conditioning not only acclimatizes the environment, but also filters the air, retaining impurities and germs in its filter. Hence the importance of its maintenance. Failure to regularly sanitize the device entails both technical problems and a risk to the health of those who use it.

When the filter and other parts are dirty, the air conditioner doesn’t work as well, consuming more energy and yielding less. In addition, when cleaning is not done, the filters start to release dirt trapped in the environment, causing rhinitis, sinusitis and other health problems.

Preventive maintenance: what is it?

Preventive maintenance is nothing more than regular cleaning of filters and the front panel of the air conditioner. This cleaning is very important and should be done once a month in homes or every 7-15 days in environments with a lot of dust or large flow of people, such as offices and commerce.

  • First of all, turn off the air conditioner and disconnect it from the outlet. Remove the front panel from the appliance and clean it with a damp cloth; vacuum or a cloth with warm water and detergent to clean the filters. Leave the panel and filters to dry in the shade and then put them back in the air conditioner.

It is important to check the appliance manual to find out how to remove and replace the air conditioner parts.

Professional maintenance: when to do it?

The professional AC maintenance is the complete cleaning of the air conditioning. In it, the device is completely disassembled and, therefore, it should only be done by a professional and authorized technician. During this maintenance, the device is completely sanitized with specific cleaning products, which guarantees its durability.

This type of maintenance should also be done regularly: annually in the case of homes and other environments with little use; or every six months in the case of offices and other environments that use the device frequently.

Keep an eye on your dates and keep your air conditioning in top condition all year round!

Enjoy and learn more about Preventive AC Maintenance and Cleaning of Split Air Conditioners from AC Dubai Maintenance

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