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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Silicon Dubai

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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Silicon Dubai

Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Silicon Dubai 24 Hours Service

Having a preventive air conditioning maintenance plan is essential for people’s health and well-being, offering environmental comfort and favoring its good performance.

Preventive maintenance of air conditioning is a previously scheduled intervention aimed at making adjustments aimed at preserving the equipment, in order to minimize the occurrence of possible failures and eliminate defects that could become more serious problems in the future. This is an essential measure to ensure people’s health and, therefore, it is essential that companies and industries have an effective preventive maintenance plan.

The inconveniences caused by the lack of preventive maintenance of an air conditioner include both the malfunction — which implies high energy consumption and the possibility of sudden failures — and the provision of poor quality air to people, who can develop respiratory, infectious and/or allergic diseases.

These problems are considered critical from an environmental and public health point of view. So we make it mandatory to carry out periodic maintenance of air conditioning in public and private (commercial) buildings. The objective is precisely to provide people with a good quality indoor environment, in addition to minimizing the development of diseases

How important is the preventive maintenance plan?

Having a preventive air conditioning maintenance plan is essential in several aspects, as we are talking about a device that directly interferes with health, well-being, and perception of environmental comfort, professional performance and the general performance of an AC maintenance company or industry.

Even when it comes to residential equipment, maintenance is essential so that operation is not interrupted. This is not, however, the only factor to be taken into account: good preventive maintenance is capable of preserving the integrity of the device, preventing a small problem from damaging other components and/or parts in order to compromise the product’s durability.

In general, preventive maintenance consists of a general check on the appliance’s operation, maintenance of parts and cleaning of items such as the air filter, condensate tray, fan and humidifier. In an AC maintenance company, the ideal is for cleaning to be weekly, so as not to compromise the air quality within this environment. Another point is cleaning the indoor unit case, which can be done with a soft, dry cloth.

Companies that handle consumer goods, for example, cannot be subject to performance problems or suspension of operation of the device, which can even compromise the quality of products, especially in food industries, but this also applies to environments of collective use. In the AC maintenance company, we provide you all the service and we save you all the inconvenience by our best services of AC maintenance.

Air conditioning preventive maintenance plan

Weekly maintenance

  • Cleaning the dust filter.

Monthly maintenance

  • Cleaning the drain hose;
  • Cleaning the drain pan;
  • Checking the fit of the fins.

Semi-annual maintenance

  • Coil cleaning.
  • Adjustment of the electrical cable contacts on the terminal.
  • Review of electrical cable contacts in the compressor.
  • Review of the temperature sensor (if any).
  • Adjustment of cabinet screws.
  • Capacitor verification.
  • Checking the shims
  • Checking the shims;
  • Propeller and engine adjustment;

Annual maintenance

  • Replacement of remote control batteries;
  • Checking the insulation of the existing piping between the units;
  • Checking of the pipe lock.


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