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The air conditioner, operating as an  air-to-air heat pump, must benefit from regular maintenance, necessary for its proper functioning and longevity. This maintenance also makes it possible to avoid domestic accidents and overconsumption of electricity. Here is a complete guide to a successful interview.

air conditioning: why maintain it?

The installation of an air conditioner is ideal for your living comfort, especially during hot summer days and to maintain a temperate house. But to ensure the proper functioning and life of your system, regular maintenance is essential.

A clogged machine can lose up to 50% of its efficiency, or even be the cause of fires.

This reversible air conditioning maintenance is also the guarantee of an energy control of your installation. Indeed, some poorly maintained appliances can over-consume electricity and cause your bill to swell.

Finally, cleaning or changing the filters regularly helps to ensure the good quality of the ambient air in your home for the breathing of the inhabitants. An unmaintained reversible air conditioner can see the proliferation of bacteria, dust mites and other molds that are very harmful to humans 

Regular maintenance of the appliance will also prevent certain bad smells .

How often should you service your air conditioner?

Depending on the device, the maintenance windows may be somewhat different, but regularity is still very important . Each manufacturer issues user manuals where several pages or paragraphs are also devoted to machine maintenance.

In addition, some models include warning lights , in particular for changing filters. This is a signal to follow: the longer you delay intervening to carry out air conditioning maintenance or have it carried out after this indicator light comes on, the more risks you will take on the good health of the device.

A filter should be cleaned at least once a month . For a reversible air conditioner, the refrigerant must be supervised at least once a year , especially for machines containing more than 2 kilos of refrigerant. And necessarily by a professional.

Which parts to watch in particular?

Reversible air conditioning can be monobloc, monosplit , multisplit or even mobile . Each of its models will therefore require special maintenance.

The packaged air conditioning system has only one indoor unit: it is the cooling coils that must be monitored in particular.

The monosplit air conditioner has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They must both be maintained, with particular attention to the exterior part which must withstand bad weather. The interior console must undergo periodic cleaning and dusting by vacuuming . Ditto for multisplit models which have several indoor units.

Finally, mobile air conditioning, the most sensitive to dust, will remain efficient for a long time if the right actions are taken at the right times, in particular by regularly emptying the condensate trays and quickly vacuuming dusty areas.

If you detect a leak, it is important to seek the intervention of a professional.

Do the maintenance yourself or have a professional do it?

Whether you decide to clean your air conditioning or your reversible heat pump yourself (because you have good knowledge and you have the soul of a handyman) or, on the contrary, whether you want to call on the intervention of a ‘a pro because you don’t feel capable of carrying out the manipulation, in the end, the most important thing is that the maintenance is carried out.

But an individual will not be able to carry out all the stages of air conditioning maintenance himself.

Refrigeration maintenance contracts

Some parts of air conditioners are quite delicate to maintain , and they must be supervised by a confirmed professional. Heating engineers, thermal engineers and other air conditioning experts are qualified for these interventions.

This is particularly the case for the maintenance of the refrigerant and its replacementThis product is toxic and requires extreme caution.

Our argument and advice: to each his own profession. Reversible air conditioning maintenance requires special skills. Our partners are able to offer you effective maintenance contracts. Do not hesitate to request several quotes.

The change of the house air conditioning recharge

Conventional air conditioning, like any reversible air conditioning, is subject to the replacement of the fluid or refrigerant gas present in the equipment , which allows the hot or cold cycles. It is also present in an air-to-air heat pump.

Whether due to a breakdown or leaks, poor sealing, the level of this fluid can drop and therefore disrupt the complete operation of the device. It is therefore necessary to replace the refill.

In the case of a machine containing more than 2 kilos of fluid, handling must imperatively be carried out by a professional with a certificate of capacity and a certificate of aptitude.

How much does it cost to Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Dubai Hills?

For a classic cleaning maintenance, and depending on your air conditioning system, it will take between 300 and 550 AED for a standard annual contract.

These contracts may include different options, with treatment of the outdoor unit and/or indoor units, change of fluid cartridges, troubleshooting in the event of breakdowns, removal of bad odors from the circuit, etc. They are a guarantee for the proper functioning of your installation.

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