Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Town Square Dubai

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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Town Square Dubai

 The importance of air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning is one of the most faithful appliances that a home or business can have, as the chances of it breaking are almost nil. All the type of Electric air systems require periodic maintenance to function properly.

The importance of this air conditioning maintenance is based on the following points

Increase the useful life of the Air Conditioner

Proper maintenance can extend the life of the air conditioner and prevent breakdowns. Normally, the useful life of this type of equipment is estimated between seven and ten years. Preventive maintenance is based on an exhaustive review of each air equipment, which includes cleaning, checking parts, filters, etc.

Reduce expenses

Both in the business environment and in the family nucleus, today requires that attention be paid to expenses. Maintaining the air conditioning is synonymous with savings, since a malfunctioning air unit can multiply by five or six the normal consumption of electrical energy.

Avoid health problems

In addition, the problems derived from an air conditioning that does not work well can affect health. Among the main problems can be named bronchitis, rhinitis and pharyngitis, since the exposure to the air that circulates in the room is done through the filters. When filters are not clean, they harbor fungi and bacteria that greatly affect the human respiratory tract.

Goodbye to bad smells and sounds

During seasonal changes, the air conditioner may give off bad odors if it has not been properly maintained. It is also possible that, due to lack of revisions, the equipment begins to emit sounds in the units that are inside the room.

Having a hygienic environment, without bad odors, without bacteria, without sounds or vibrations and that, in addition, does not put health or the economy at risk is possible, since all this can be prevented with the appropriate care. It should also be clear that maintaining the air conditioning is cheap.

Basic pillars for the proper use of an air conditioner

There are three basic pillars for the proper use of air conditioning equipment: review, cleaning and maintenance. Among the main tasks to be carried out are the following:

Filter cleaning

The tuning of the air conditioning involves cleaning, at least once a year, the indoor unit of the equipment. In this space there is a filter that serves to improve the quality of the air that is then breathed. This is a very important task since, failing to do it, can lead to serious health problems.

To carry out this cleaning it is important to have the help of experts because, many times, the work is complicated by the arrangement of the equipment on balconies or spaces that are difficult to access. When you notice any deficiency in the air conditioning equipment, such as noise, odors or a drop in their power, the split filters will be the first thing to be checked by the technician.

Cleaning the outdoor unit battery

The battery is one of the pieces where dirt can accumulate the most. To clean it, technicians can use a brush or a vacuum or pressure cleaner to remove all bacteria that can adhere to the battery that is outdoors. Pollution is one of the main factors affecting the battery of the outdoor unit (in the case of air equipment located in large cities). The frequency of cleaning will depend on the location of the equipment; since, for example, if it is on a balcony but protected by another element of the building, the equipment suffers somewhat less than if it is fully exposed. Also in this case it is recommended to have the help of a professional.

Checking the refrigerant gas level

Air conditioners tend to lose gas over time. Therefore, checking the refrigerant gas level should not only be carried out for fear of leaks, but for the mere natural maintenance of the appliance. To carry out this review, it is important to have the appropriate technical instruments and tools that facilitate the proper measurement and handling of the equipment. To carry out these checks and calibrate the gas level, you can request the help of the technical service hired.

Protection in downtime

Many times, especially in the daily use of families, air conditioning is used for cooling in the summer, but not as a heat pump in winter, since other heating methods are preferred. This is why it may take several months before the air conditioner is used again. In these cases of shutdown, it is advisable to do a general cleaning of all the elements that make up the devices to ensure their proper functioning in the next stage of use. It is also recommended to cover the outdoor unit to prevent it from being damaged by the effects of bad weather.

There are other tasks, such as lubrication and engine overhaul, overhauling ductor and diffusers, changing overheated lines, supplying gas, etc. All these processes will depend on the wear and the type of system. It is recommended that, at least a couple of times a year, maintenance and tuning of the air be carried out.


It is also suggested that one month before each season (before the start of summer and before the start of winter) economical air conditioning maintenance be requested and that, during the period of operation, a periodic cleaning be done, if possible. Be, monthly.

The importance of maintenance and fine-tuning of air conditioning equipment is a vital issue for people’s health, which can also serve to avoid extra energy consumption and contribute to savings. And all this, with quite affordable prices. Better safe than sorry.


In Case Of  Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Town Square Dubai Feel Free to Call Us Via WhatsApp: 0568770106

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