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The AC Dubai Maintenance is one of the most sought after masters in the summer. The main function of air conditioning is to cool in hot weather and heat houses that are not heated in winter.

Air conditioning installation and air conditioning services

Using an air conditioner may not be cheap for you, but lately its use is invaluable. For example, you got an air conditioner, so how do you install it? Most companies that sell air conditioners to you do not plan to install it, and even if they do, the installation of air conditioners is quite expensive. In this case, you should contact us. It is one of the services offered by AC Dubai Maintenance , which is in great demand for air conditioning installation services and covers a wide range of services.

Why do you need to contact us to install air conditioners?

We evaluate the work we do correctly and do our work in such a way that in the future you will recommend us to your acquaintances and people around you, and if necessary, you will want to contact us again. Customer satisfaction is a very important condition for us. We always take into account your wishes and treat our customers politely. With all this in mind, you have made the right choice by contacting us to install your air conditioners. Our employees are professionals in their field as air conditioners.

How long will it take to install the air conditioners?

It is impossible to install air conditioners in 1 hour. Installation of air conditioners should be carried out in accordance with building codes and regulations. However, it is possible to install air conditioners quickly, but it will not be earlier than 3 hours. Thus, the installation of air conditioners requires special technology, including proper vacuuming of the system, insulation of freon pipes inside the wall, as well as the connection of communications on the facade wall of the building and the inspection of freon leaks. Let’s look at the stages of air conditioning installation.

The main stages in the installation of air conditioners by AC Dubai Maintenance

First of all, the place where the air conditioners will be installed must be prepared, after which the wall is drilled, a channel is opened inside the wall and the outside block of the air conditioner is connected. After that, sometimes the process of installing the air conditioner can be stopped, as the wall may need to be plastered, painted or glued wallpaper.

Then the installation of air conditioners involves the following:

  • Installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner
  • Installation of the duct between the outside and inside blocks of the air conditioner
  • Vacuuming
  • Checking the tightness of all joints
  • Freon activation
  • Checking the operation of the air conditioner

It should be noted that there are 2 types of installation of air conditioners: standard and non-standard

Standard installation of air conditioners

Standard installation is the most common method of air conditioning installation. In this case, the length of communications, ie lines, must be more than 3 meters for the installation of air conditioners. The communications in the room are mostly white, with a decorative box measuring 60 x 60 mm in width and up to 1 meter long. The box is placed at an angle of 5-7 °, which is necessary for the discharge of condensate. The drain pipe is removed from the indoor unit (to drain condensate), and there is no need to remove the outdoor unit.

In the facade of the building, communications are placed along the wall and decorative boxes are not used to place communications. The power cable must be placed inside a decorative box measuring 60 x 60 mm in width and up to 2 meters long. The indoor unit of the air conditioner is placed on the wall, and the outdoor unit under the window. As for the hole in the wall at the bottom of the canal, the thickness of the wall should not exceed 0.8 meters in brick houses and 0.6 meters in concrete houses.

It takes 3-6 hours to install this type of split-system air conditioners.

Non-standard installation of air conditioners

This type of installation of air conditioners is carried out taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer. This requires special professionalism from the air conditioner. During the non-standard installation of air conditioners, several additional works may be required: placing the outside communications inside the box, increasing the total length of the communications, placing the communications in hollow places and other works.

air conditioning installation

Installation of air conditioners is the work of real professionals.

If you want your air conditioners to be installed reliably and in accordance with the norms, then contact the service center on AC Dubai Maintenance We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and our masters will approach you at a convenient time. Installing your air conditioners by contacting the service center of AC Dubai Maintenance is a guarantee of quality.

Cleaning, repair and maintenance of air conditioners

One of the main tasks of an air conditioner master is to repair, clean and maintain air conditioners. Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners is a necessary procedure, which should be performed periodically as the system becomes dirty. Timely cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners will ensure proper operation of the system and prevent malfunctions. This means that you will always be provided with fresh and cool air.

How to clean air conditioners and when to do it?

Prophylactic cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners are conventionally divided into physical, thermal and antibacterial cleaning. Anyone can do physical cleaning. During physical cleaning, the front panel of the air conditioner is removed and the filters are washed. Such cleaning should be done every 2-3 weeks.

Thermal cleaning of air conditioners means washing of heating devices and other non-removable parts. Thermal cleaning of the air conditioner is also recommended to carry out antibacterial cleaning, during which the main elements are cleaned with a disinfectant solution. Thermal and antibacterial cleaning is carried out once a season. However, if the air conditioner works around the clock, is installed in the kitchen or in a room that is cleaned late, then the air conditioner needs to be cleaned 2 and sometimes 3 times a season.

Do not delay cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioners

Imagine how much dust, smoke and debris gets into the air conditioner – all of which is collected by the filter. The possibilities of the air conditioner are not unlimited, and after a while the air conditioner becomes so polluted that in addition to filtration, in this case, the air conditioner can not even pass air. This leads to the following cases:

  • The air conditioner blows air contaminated with dust and bacteria;
  • Cannot blow enough air;
  • The air is less cold;
  • It may fail prematurely.

To prevent all this, we recommend that you clean and maintain your air conditioner in a timely manner. Our air conditioning masters can always do this work with quality.

Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance: 11 main things to do

Thus, the following should be included in the mandatory preventive cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners:

  • Diagnostics of air conditioning
  • Check that the air conditioner works in all modes
  • Temperature measurement
  • Washing air filters
  • Cleaning the fan blades
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Heating device cleaning
  • Checking the fastening points of the blocks
  • Checking the tightness of joints
  • Carrying out light repairs of air conditioning
  • Freon refilling

Timely cleaning and preventive maintenance will ensure efficient use of the air conditioner for a long time.

Preventive cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners

AC Dubai Maintenance also offers a comprehensive range of household services, including cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners. Our air conditioning master services are always as close as a call to you.

Why can you trust us to clean and service your air conditioners?

  • our prices are reasonable and suitable for you;
  • professional craftsmen will work for you;
  • all work will be performed quickly, correctly and reliably;
  • the services provided are guaranteed.

Visit our website, order air conditioning cleaning and maintenance service by phone or from the site. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible. Remember that air conditioners require special care. Therefore, follow the instructions for use of air conditioners correctly. Periodically clean and maintain the air conditioner, do not expect problems with the use of the air conditioner. Order air conditioning cleaning and maintenance from us now!

Gas injection into the air conditioner

A professional air conditioner will start by measuring the gas level of the system first when a second-hand air conditioner is installed or a repair call is made.

One of the main reasons for maintenance of air conditioning systems is the leakage of a special cooling element, so filling the air conditioners with freon at the right time will prevent malfunctions of the equipment and prolong its service life. In addition, gas leaks from the refrigerator can damage the health of family members and disrupt the comfort of the home.

Negligence in the maintenance of cooling and heating systems can lead not only to additional costs associated with repairs, but also to minor problems with the health of your loved ones. We would also like to inform those who buy air conditioners that refilling the air conditioning equipment with full freon will cost more than refilling it with spare freon in advance. Leakage of the refrigerant element is not ruled out due to faults in the hose or gas pipes, so filling the air conditioner by yourself will affect the quality of the whole system.

Why is it necessary to inject gas into the air conditioner?

Scheduled maintenance of refrigeration units involves cleaning (replacing) filters and pre-refilling them regularly. Minor gas leaks occur as a result of leaks within the normal range that can occur in fully operating equipment. Pre-filling should also be preferred after disassembly of equipment, repair work with interference with internal parts, increase in the length of the freon pipe.

It is very easy to understand that you need a specialist to service your equipment. Every air conditioner owner learns the specifics of their cooling system while using it, knows how to lower the room temperature by 2-4 degrees, and remembers the sound level of the working equipment very well. Any deviation from the standard mode can indicate possible problems.

Simple signs of a refrigerant leak may appear after 1-2 years of regular use. However, accidental cracks in copper pipes and joints can lead to premature loss of the tightness of the freon system. It is very important to consult a professional from the first moment of suspicion of any problems with the air conditioner, who will diagnose the air conditioner, check the body elements, make sure that there is no noise in the system and only pre-refill with freon after making sure there are no technical problems. .

How to choose inject gas into the air conditioner?

Care should be taken in choosing a service center to extend the life of refrigeration equipment. It’s no secret that there are a lot of advertisements on the Internet today, such as “cheap gas for air conditioners”, but you can not be sure of his professionalism by inviting this specialist, and in case of recurrence, he will simply refuse to correct mistakes.

When choosing a service company, give preference to companies that provide comprehensive services, which fulfill the order on the basis of a signed contract and will guarantee in writing the elimination of defects during the term of the contract.

Disassembly of air conditioner (relocation)

Sometimes users want to save a small fee for the air conditioner by doing it themselves. But often it costs several times more. The equipment consists of 2 blocks: external and internal. The system is under constant pressure, and a sudden drop in pressure can cause the hands to freeze as a result of the cold air flow. The technician can dismantle the outdoor unit of the equipment if the equipment is not located within reach, provided that the cooling element does not leak and does not lose its operational characteristics.

A professional air conditioner technician will disassemble the outdoor unit by maintaining the tightness of the appliance and placing it correctly for transportation. When relocating the equipment, do not bend it, otherwise you can drain the oil, which may later need to be repaired in the workshop. Specialists will prevent foreign objects from falling on the ends of the pipes, any waste, oil loss in the system and close the freon pipe tightly during the dismantling of the inner block.

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