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Maintain air conditioning and ventilation. Maintenance of ventilation systems

A year or two after you buy and install the air conditioner, even the owners of the most expensive models complain about the poor performance of modern technology: noise, unpleasant odors, loss of power and imminent breakdown and other signs (and such an unwelcome! ) Repair. As a rule, the cause of these symptoms is a lack of regular maintenance or, more simply, cleaning and refilling the air conditioner.

Regular maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation systems in Dubai is especially important and necessary in Jumeirah Island, the filters become clogged faster, dirt enters the main parts of the equipment – the heat exchanger, the fan impeller, the engine and the equipment wear out faster. Without preventive maintenance and the split system can be discarded in a few seasons or in the worst case already in need of repair. At the same time, timely and regular maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation systems guarantees their proper and long-term operation, as the prevention of breakdowns is better than paying for subsequent repairs or replacement of equipment. easier and cheaper. If you are dissatisfied with the operation of your air conditioner,

Emergency AC Maintenance Jumeirah Island Dubai

Necessary conditions for diagnostics and maintenance of the air conditioner: Emergency AC Maintenance Jumeirah Island Dubai AC Filter Cleaning Maintenance

  • decrease in airflow capacity
  • air flow in high temperature cooling mode
  • bad smell from air conditioning / drainage
  • the noise level increased, knocked
  • freezing of the radiator

If you find one or more of these signs, do not delay the service and contact the experts, you may be surprised at how dirty your air conditio

ner is, because it not only cools or heats the air, but also constantly filters it in any operating mode.

If you decide to have a one-time service on your equipment or enter into an air conditioning maintenance contract with an organization, please contact us! After all, our Company offers a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of air conditioners and ventilation systems in Dubai and the Dubai Areas in conditions convenient for the buyer, and excludes weekends and holidays and nights.

We offer truly professional services – our specialists have been working in this field for more than 10-15 years. If you are looking for low-cost maintenance of air conditioners in the office, cottage or apartment, contact us

Take care of your equipment and it will respond to you!

The cost of servicing the AC Maintenance Jumeirah Island Dubai

The price specified for the maintenance of the air conditioner includes all work on cleaning the internal and external blocks of the standard split system. If you need a multi-storey business or travel outside the Dubai road, the price is calculated individually on demand

Our company also serves multi-split systems, VRV / VRF systems, central air conditioners, refrigerators and any other cooling devices.

To clean the air conditioner, our specialists use steam generators and specialized disinfectant solutions that ensure complete elimination of dust, dirt, mold, as well as fungi, pathogenic bacteria and allergens. You can see the photos in our objects section.

The service complex includes the following works:

  • General inspection and diagnostics of air conditioning
  • Checking the suitability of fasteners, barriers and structures of internal and external blocks
  • Thermophysical diagnostics
  • Check system pressure
  • Check the tightness of the connections in the refrigeration chain
  • Refill the refrigerator as needed
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger of the outer blocks
  • Internal block filters and heat exchangers.
  • Disinfect the inner block and drainage system
  • Bactericidal composition and treatment with a steam generator
  • Cleaning the body and front panel of the inner block
  • Testing of electronic components and operation in all basic operating modes
  • Control panel operation diagnostics
  • Check the drain
  • Check the condition of electrical wires, contacts and tighten the terminal clamp screws of electrical connections
  • Maintenance of mechanical fasteners of moving parts of the inner block, their lubrication
  • Explanations for proper operation of refrigeration equipment
  • Minor repairs and refueling the air conditioner with freon

At the request of the customer, the service can be divided into 2 stages – separate cleaning of indoor and outdoor units. This may be due to the desire to wash the indoor blocks before the start of the warm season, and to wash the outdoor spaces after the popcorn has flown away. In this case, the price is as follows:

As a rule, it is recommended to carry out maintenance of climatic equipment 2 times a year. If the air conditioning and / or ventilation system works in difficult conditions – in the kitchen, smoking area, workplace and high-pollution areas, or it works non-stop all year round , for example, in the server room, the frequency of maintenance can be increased to a month.

Night maintenance of air conditioners

AC Dubai Maintenance offers its customers the opportunity to service air conditioners at night. Thus, all work with noise and dust is carried out in the absence of personnel. We service the equipment without distracting office or shop workers and without interfering with the work process, which is very convenient for customers of office and shopping centers, office buildings and other buildings, there are a lot of people during the day and various maintenance work is not desired .

During night work, the customer’s representative may not always be present, in which case we can prepare a photo or video clip of the work done and send it electronically. The cost of night work is discussed separately, more than 10 pieces of equipment for maintenance contracts, no surcharge for night work.

Contract services for legal entities

Regular maintenance of air conditioners for legal entities is carried out on a contractual basis. We enter into a contract for the maintenance of 2 air conditioners. Discounts are provided for the maintenance of equipment installed by our company. We offer a 5% discount when concluding a maintenance contract for a large number of equipment at one facility (more than 10 units). Please note that we work in a simplified taxation system.

The standard range of maintenance of air conditioners includes the following.

Maintenance is done twice a year as standard. When the equipment is operated in an aggressive environment, heavy working conditions, around the clock, etc., maintenance is often performed in accordance with the application of the contract.

If necessary, after each service of the air conditioner, our specialist fills out a maintenance log, where all the comments and nuances on the operation of the equipment are recorded and records are made on the serviceability of each unit of equipment

Tender for Competition for Maintenance of Ventilation and Air Purification Systems (competition) The Customer places open bids or mails to submit commercial offers from various climate companies. The Contractor shall provide a commercial offer to the Client for the maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems. AC Dubai Maintenance is involved and serves in the maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems. All maintenance work on ventilation and air purification systems is carried out on a contractual basis.

Customer requirements for maintenance work on ventilation systems

1. Inspection and maintenance of ventilation systems.

2. Diagnostics and troubleshooting of ventilation system equipment.

3. Sanitary cleaning, disinfection and cleaning of ventilation system elements (air ducts, filters, grilles, heat exchangers, etc.).

4. Urgent visit of contractor specialists within 8 hours.

5. In case of failure of the ventilation system, carry out the detection of a defect in the ventilation, draw up a defect report indicating the cost of spare parts and repair work that requires replacement.

6. Consultations for the customer on compliance with the rules of operation of the equipment in accordance with the operating instructions.

7. All work must be carried out in the presence of a representative of the Customer.

Maintenance List of Maintenance Ventilation System ( once every 6 months):

1. Dust the air filters;

2. Cleaning of external surfaces from contamination of the ventilation device ;

3. Check and clean the fan (make repairs if necessary);

4. Cleaning the heat exchanger surface of the air heater;

5. Check the operation of air supply control mechanisms (if necessary – repair);

6. Testing of automatic protection of installation, debugging (if necessary – repair);

7. Disassembly supply unit for external frame connections ;

7. Check the density of the supply unit (repair if necessary);

8. Diagnostic of the controller (if necessary – repair);

10. Demolition of electrical connection terminals in the air control unit;

11. Diagnostics of the operation of the elements of the heat supply circuit of the air transport device (repair, if necessary).

12. Density diagnostics of air duct networks (repair if necessary).

13. Diagnostics of fire extinguishers (if necessary – repair).

List of repairs to exhaust systems (once every 6 months):

1. Clean the outer surfaces of the appliance from dirt;

2. Damage to the electrical connection terminals on the fan;

3. Check the balance of the engine (balancing if necessary);

4. Clean the fan impeller;

5. Check the operation of the supporting bearings (if necessary – repair);

6. Check the integrity of the flexible connectors (repair if necessary).

7. Density diagnostics of air duct networks (repair if necessary).

8. Operational diagnostics of fire extinguishers (repair if necessary).

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