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Maintenance of split system air conditioners should be carried out at intervals determined by the operating conditions, the type of air conditioner. High-quality repair of split-system aircons and maintenance requires special knowledge and equipment.

Installation, maintenance and repairs

By purchasing an air conditioner from a large HVAC company, you can immediately draw up a contract for the subsequent maintenance and repair of a split system air conditioner.

Thus, the owner receives a high-quality installation of a split-system air conditioner and 2 years of guaranteed operation of the equipment. The service contract is signed with those who order the installation from the seller. The service package is not cheap. But installing a split air conditioner has many subtleties. Therefore, you should not trust his native workers “according to the ad”, because repairing a split air conditioner is not cheap.

Depending on the intensity of the aircon operation, maintenance and cleaning are carried out once a month, quarter or six months.

The air conditioners of the apartment are cleaned every 6 months, and the ones that work hard in the shops – every 4 weeks.

The importance of timely maintenance of air conditioners

One of the most important parameters that ensures the operation of the air conditioner is the freon pressure in the line. Most modern air conditioners run on environmentally friendly R410a freon. During the maintenance of split systems of air conditioners for an apartment, carried out under warranty every 6 months, the freon pressure is measured and, if necessary, the required amount is replenished. Thanks to this, the system operates efficiently without excessive load.

The outdoor unit of an air conditioner split system for an apartment is constantly exposed to sun, moisture, street dust. Aggressive media will shorten the life of basic cooling units. Drainage pipes are also located here, where condensate is removed from the case, providing the conditions for the equipment to operate.

When the evaporator and heat exchanger become dirty, the power drops by 30 – 45% of the initial one, and the power consumption increases by a quarter.

Makes the air conditioner more powerful, some blind swing modes may not start, split air conditioner repair required.

Water leaked into the indoor unit. Becomes a source of reproduction of pathogenic microbes.

Service list

Maintenance of split system air conditioners:

  • Operational diagnostics of both units;
  • Cleaning the filters of the indoor unit;
  • Flushing the radiator of the outdoor unit;
  • Gutter system cleaning;
  • Cleaning fan blades and turbines;
  • Checks all connections;
  • Control refrigerant level, look for leaks;
  • Refueling as needed.

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